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Macken Movie Update – Rise of the Planet of the Apes: New trailer

Macken Movie Update – Rise of the Planet of the Apes: New trailer

by SamJune 5, 2011

You know the saying, “Human see, human do.”

The Prequel to end all Sequels is dragging its knuckles towards a release, and a slower paced trailer has emerged which sheds more light on the Plight of the Ape.

The trailer shows struggling scientist Will Rodman (James Franco), finally finding a cure for Alzheimer’s as well as Boosting brain power. But needing to further test the effects of the serum starts a chain reaction of world changing results. Of course anyone who knows anything about science fiction or Planet of the Apes, will know the general storyline to the film. And therefore understand the inevitable sense of Doom, looming over the head of the human characters. However this film is still intriguing, since it finally gives a in detail answer to how it all happened. The point of no return for the Ape Apocalypse, and the reason Charlton Heston needed to get his chest out on camera so much.

Here is the latest trailer promo for the ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’, and it has a high focus point on the main monkey ‘Caeser’. You cant help but feel sorry for the monkey…that’s how they Get-Cha.


RPA hits cinemas August 12th


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  • JMattHicks

    I’m pretty pumped about this. Between Transformers 3, this, and Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, there’s a number of good movies to look forward to this summer.

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