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CES 2012: New Smart Blu-Ray Players from Samsung

CES 2012: New Smart Blu-Ray Players from Samsung

by Greg DeVriesJanuary 11, 2012

Blu-ray players have come a long way from simply playing physical media, and Samsung’s new line in no exception. They have revealed their new line of Blu-Ray players for 2012, and they are loaded with features, including but not limited to full 3D, up-converting non-HD media, built in wi-fi and a downloadable remote for android/iOS devices. The small form factor design is little bigger than a blu-ray disc itself and boots up in less than a second. The device’s minimal hardware also ensure the device runs very quietly.

“Building on Samsung’s legacy of innovation, the new additions to the Blu-ray player line offer consumers increasing options to enjoy an outstanding home entertainment experience regardless of the content sources,” said Sangchul Lee, Senior Vice President, Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “Consumers now have an endless list of connectivity options and services for a true multi-screen experience.”

One of the more interesting new features is the Disc to Digital service. With it, owners can register DVDs they own and have access to digital copies of them through Flixster, accessible from the Blu-Ray player, as well as tablets, computers, and other devices. They will also be able to purchase HD versions of DVDs they own, as well as share items in their library with other users on the same account. For movie fans with large DVD collections, this service can be very beneficial by adding additional functionality to their currently libraries. As more and more technologies migrate to cloud-based services, it is nice to DVD collectors will have a means to gain the same mobility without sacrificing their collection.

“Disc to Digital is a revolutionary way for consumers to ‘future proof’ their DVD library,” said Steve Polsky, president of Flixster. “They will no longer need to worry if a DVD is misplaced or if it’s scratched. Through UltraViolet, consumers have an exciting new way to collect, access and enjoy digital entertainment. They can take their movie and TV collection with them and watch it when and where they want.”

Samsung’s new line will be out later this year. If you’ve held out this long from buying a blu-ray player, it may be time to consider one from Samsung. No pricing information is currently available.


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