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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Demo Impressions

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Demo Impressions

by Jennifer KibbleJanuary 19, 2012

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is the direct sequel to 2009’s RPG, which now follows Serah Farron, Lightning’s younger sister. Whenever you hear about a sequel to anything, natural instincts of being wary of it, kick in. Will it be better? Just as good? Or something to avoid altogether?

Thankfully the 1.29GB demo of Final Fantasy XIII-2 is now live for everyone to try out.

The demo starts out in Chapter Two, interlude with Serah and Noel on Cocoon. There’s no time to explore as the very first thing that you do is fight. Here is your chance to get familiar with how the battle system works. You have the chance to either take the paradigm shift tutorial or not. Here you can change the strategy of your party members to better suit your playing style and to be victorious in battle. There are now cinematic battle scenes during fights, which requires you to press a certain button when prompt (think God of War).

Once the battle is done, you set off within the Bresha Ruins to find a way to finish off the giant monster, Atlas. This is your chance to explore and get a feel of what Final Fantasy XIII-2 is all about.

In Final Fantasy XIII-2, you have the ability to control fallen monsters to help aid you in future battles. If, at any time, you need help with how the game plays, how to fight, or any other possible question, Final Fantasy XIII-2 has pretty much everything covered in its primers.

One of the main focus of Final Fantasy XIII-2 is time and other realities. You will be able to go into the past and any events there or in the present will determine the future, where you can also travel to. To open up gates, you will have to find relics that do not belong in that particular time.

NPCs with something to say will have a small dialogue cloud above their heads. Your companion, if they have something to say, will say it, making the journey more real, instead of having companions who just follow you along, speechless.

The demo itself plays smooth with lot of helpful tips and know-how along the way. It feels like Final Fantasy XIII and overall it is a good demo for anyone interested in the game or for those who are worried about it.

Try out the demo for yourself before the game drops on January 31st (US) and February 2nd & 3rd (AUS, UK).

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Jennifer Kibble
  • Mrs CoolProphet

    Not accomplished this sport as of now, but I have to say I feel Noel is wonderful with her and looks to treatment a great deal about her, in contrast to that damn Snow, I suggest he was all about saving her in 13 and it just would seem like he could not treatment less, while Noel would never ever leave Serah alone and will get angry with Snow about it.

  • Xedo

    I bought final fantasy xiii and im having trouble playing the game because im having trouble with the battle system. Can someone please explain it or post a link to a video that gives a really good explanation.

  • Chris R

    Final Fantasy XIII is out in 5 days, who’s hyped for it? What console are you going to buy the game on, the 360 or PS3?


    I havent played any of the other final fantasy but wanting to play final fantasy xiii. Will i be completely lost with out knowing what happened in the other games ?

  • Cole

    In ps3 they update weekly for more demo, does 360 do the same?

  • JDOGG1122

    I want to open a demo account on future , stock account but all the website require me to download. For some reason , I cannot download any software into computer, but I cannot find any website offer no download demo account , Do you know how to open account without download software?

  • stealspartansbcglobalnet

    Hi Everyone,

    I work for Xerox.
    I have a customer coming in for a software demo Friday.
    Our software is not that hot, so I am trying to think of ways
    to distract them during the demo so that when they leave, they will
    think that everything worked well and they will have no questions.

    The only thing I have thought of is to have food in the room so they eat while they watch.

  • Jairo

    I find a demo version for 15 days But I want to use it long time becz its to expensive.I unistalled it but now I am trying to install its asking the License no.Plz let me can I use it again or not.I will appriciate.

  • Dr Dorian

    I have a 10 month old boxer mix that has been diognosed with demo mange. Nothing seems to work. We are giving him a peroxide bath and Mitaban dip once a week. The mange now covers 40% of his body. I really don’t want to put him down. Anybody dealt with this? Any wisdom?

  • friendly 4

    I was just wondering how long it usually takes for a demo that’s about 1200-1500mb to download and how long it takes installing from PSN.