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Could This Be Our First Look at God of War IV?

Could This Be Our First Look at God of War IV?

by Charles PowersJanuary 25, 2012

So here we are looking at the latest Sony teaser for the upcoming season of their reality show, The Tester, and it’s giving us an inside look at one of their most successful studios, Santa Monica Studios. Looking a little closer at one of the devs at work and we can see a familiar face, Kratos, and an unfamiliar level being worked on.

Now this could mean one of several things, but being the observant optimists that we are, we’ll go ahead and call it – God of War IV.

The unconfirmed sequel in the franchise has been subject to a plethora of rumors and this may be just another shred of evidence to shed light on Kratos’s future.

Below you’ll find the video, the screenshot was taken at around 1:43.

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So what say you?

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Charles Powers
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  • jag43216

    I am looking to move at the end of May I am looking for studio in on the Westside of LA or some where near Santa Monica College if you guys could help nd give me any connects or any good websites were they show rentals. Thank You.

  • Jonny

    I want to know how to email or contact santa monica studios so I can ask them this:Can they bring God Of War 1 and 2 at least to the psp?possibly 3?

  • Terrence

    I`m going to do a proposal and I have no idea. I`m planning to do a life science project. So please recommend something.

  • Brody S

    Not a war goddess like Morrigan or Badb. I mean a male war god.

  • XplicitzZ

    George W. Bush, a man of God, consulted a “higher father” (God).
    So given that fact, why do people still criticize the war? God’s will is perfect.

  • Harry

    I played all the games in both the series and i’ve got to say the environment and level design and just the insane way you can cause damage is amazing in God of War but at the same time the cutscenes, and the crazy combos you can do in DMC is just incredible. And dante is such a BETTER protagonist than Kratos but still vast majority of people prefer God of war. Why?

  • Samuro

    I beat god of war 3 and now its just sitting there. I have Mw2 soo ya. The thing is I don’t want to give up god of war cause Ive been waiting for it for over a year now, im also considering trading god of war 3 for uncharted 2 which should I do?
    Trade god of war 3 for battlefield bad company 2
    Trade god of war 3 for uncharted 2
    or keep god of war 3 cause i already have mw2?

  • Jonathan

    I just got a PS3(it’s Christmas) and am really into it. I will get God of War:Collection soon and want to know how I can get the God of War demo. Can anyone give me the code or something?

  • Johnky J

    I’ve played God of War: Ghost of Sparta once and beaten it and I want to collect all of the relics. What am I looking for and where can they be found?