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Alan Wakes American Nightmare Developer Diary Talks Pulp

Alan Wakes American Nightmare Developer Diary Talks Pulp

by David GeesonFebruary 6, 2012

It’s just a few short weeks until the release of Alan Wakes American Nightmare as part of this years Xbox ‘House Party’ promotion. This standalone incarnation of remedy’s Alan Wake’s American Nightmare looks to shake up the original title with it’s new and improved mechanics.

This developer diary gives us a unique new look at this stand-alone XBLA title, straight from the mouth of the developers themselves. It’s noticeable that this iteration of the franchise has a totally different approach from the original, to quote the developers themselves:

[quote]Alan Wake was Steven King and Lost, Alan Wakes American Nightmare is more Quentin Tarantino [/quote]

To get a good look at what to expect come the 22nd of February check out the trailer below. For extra fun watch the background during the dialogue… seriously.

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David Geeson
  • Rocco

    Thanks for the post.

  • Brad

    I\\\\\\\’ve been waiting a long time for this.

  • Maria

    So excite!

  • kamikami

    I have an xbox 360 and Alan Wake looks like a really good game. I have seen some game play. The lighting effects look really good. What are some other reasons to buy the game? Please NO spoilers.

  • Hannah

    I’m stuck in this one part, there is absolutely no way to beat it, and I want to lower my difficulty. Is this possible?

  • Cliffy N

    Dont have xbox live gold

  • Superman

    I need links to download the contents of Alan Wake through my pc

  • cardskid22

    Okay so it has already been 8 hours and its only at 51 percent! i dont know if something is wrong with my xbox or what?

  • Xavier Hawthorne

    I was just wondering if the game is actually worth buying, i just don’t want to be disappointed. I enjoyed games similar like silent hill and some of the resident evil games.

  • Alex

    i beat alan wake i just cant remember the mission where you hear the song war from poets of the fall

  • kewlflame14

    So yeah im really into Alan Wake but after a few episodes, it really started to stimulated me to begin writing my own horror stories ;).
    I think ive seen enough horror movies and played enough horror games to write a thrilling horror story.
    But am i the only one who got this feeling?