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ELIGIUM – The Chosen One Beta Opens February 15, Enlists Players for Pandamonium

ELIGIUM – The Chosen One Beta Opens February 15, Enlists Players for Pandamonium

by Michelle QuillenFebruary 10, 2012

Join more than 150,000 players who have already registered for ELIGIUM – The Chosen One and sign up now to venture through the open gates of Galgaron on February 15, 2012.

The action-MMORPG, debuted by UK publisher Frogster Online Gaming GmbH at last year’s Gamescon, allows its heroes to choose among four races and five classes, battle against a legion of demonic hordes, and prove themselves as they face their ultimate nemesis to be the Chosen One.

Thanks to the dedication and feedback of the game’s vigilant testers during its closed beta phase, Frogster has decided to reward the most active fans of its open beta with exclusive privileges (soon to be announced).

Players can sign up to get free beta access now at

For a look into the world of fighting Pandas, Elves, Humans and Virdis, check out the official ELIGIUM – The Chosen One GamesCon 2011 trailer below.

Visit for more info on the game’s features, artwork, videos and news.






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