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Game Against the Elements with the Selk'bag 4G Lite Sleepwear System

Game Against the Elements with the Selk'bag 4G Lite Sleepwear System

by Michelle QuillenFebruary 1, 2012

Gamers can now “stay frosty” without succumbing to the arctic elements, thanks to the new 4G Lite Sleepwear System from Selk’bag.

Taking a page from the Forever Lazy® body wear of infomercial infamy, the latest “wearable sleeping bag” selection is 30% lower in weight than selections from its previous third-generation line.

Borrowing its silhouette from the outline of a gingerbread man cookie cutter, this alternative to the traditional rectangular sleeping bag touts Velcro-fastened, removable mitts that allow both hands to maneuver game controllers. Not only useful for late-night gaming marathons, Selk’bags’s versatility provides a comfortably impromptu and secure resort to the orthodox “mummy bag” option to which most outdoor enthusiasts resort.

Rated to 45 degrees Fahrenheit, the Selk’bag also accommodates cases of cabin fever with its figure-forming insulation. Perfect for campers, stargazers, and hikers alike, the high-tech outerwear is available in both kid and adult-sizing. Three bold color options offer adventurers a choice between Dark Shadow (a gunmetal grey), Surf the Web (a deep Atlantic blue) and Hyacinth Violet (a furious fuscia). Prices start at $79.00 USD.

Visuals from the company’s website not only display the various uses of their 4G Lite line in a multitude of environments, but resemble the work of Keith Haring brought to life via real-life rest vessels.

Head over to and check out the array of paperdoll chain-inspired, and almost claustrophobic, two-season sleepwear.

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  • Ocane Garric

    I dont want a mummy bag. I want a compact rectangular sleeping bag. No a lot more than 8 pounds. I want it to be a substantial high quality sleeping bag without going over $250. One Particular that will very last for 8+ decades whilst currently being slept in every single night. I currently know the big difference of synthetic and Down bags. No want to explain. Thank You!!!

  • xxsuperLEAKxx

    I am looking at doing some backpacking all around Australia for about 6 – 9 months…

    I do not know anything at all about what kind of sleeping bag to go for…I have carried out some research and theres usually a 7c or 9c range related with each and every sleeping bag model…

    Is this code for what local weather the sleeping bag is developed for? If so what kind ought to I be seeking for?

  • encyclopath

    Hi, my baby is 10 months and crawling/standing in cot at night. I’ve had someone suggest that I buy a baby Grobag (sleeping bag without arms). Does anyone have any suggestions on the pro’s and con’s of these. He falls asleep out of his blankets and I think the idea of the warmth moving around with him is an alright idea.

  • Wooooody

    So I am traveling and living out of my backpack for a little while. I want to find the best and easiest way to carry my stuff. I have a medium-ish sized backpack that I want to attach my sleeping bag to. I found cords on eBay called Coghlans Sleeping Bag Bungee Cord Straps, Would this work?