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Girl Fight: All-Girl Fighting Action Later This Year on Xbox Live Arcade and PSN

Girl Fight: All-Girl Fighting Action Later This Year on Xbox Live Arcade and PSN

by Jason ChestnutFebruary 14, 2012

Majesco, Micropose and Kung Fu Factory announced yesterday that they will be releasing a downloadable all-girl fighting game for both Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network this coming spring. According to the official press release, the aptly titled Girl Fight promises “… hair flying, long legs kicking and the ear-piercing shrill of deadly vixens.”

Although, generally the story in fighting games is often secondary to the actual fighting, Girl Fight does include a backstory that seems vaguely reminiscent of director Zack Snyder’s 2011 film Sucker Punch. It involves a shadowy organization that collects female fighters from around the world and plugs them into a virtual world where they must fight their way back to reality.

The official list of features includes:


  • Fighting Styles and Character Options: Players can select from a wide range of distinct fighters, each with their own fighting style. Players can even create their own experience by customizing their fighter’s appearance and abilities.
  • Unlockables and Customization: Players will find a robust set of unlockables to further customize their characters by proving themselves as the ultimate femme fatale in the ring. Points can unlock new character skins, more varied abilities and codex entries.
  • Arenas: Girl Fight takes the players all across a virtual globe in many different arenas, filled in by augmented reality constructs. From war-ravaged San Francisco to the rubble of demolished Foundry buildings, reality and fiction blur in the virtual arenas.


Girl Fight is being produced by Micropose, developed by Kung Fu Factory and published by Majesco. Its being rated “M” for Mature. For more info (and some suggestive concept art), check out the official Facebook page.

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  • ScRSC

    I am thinking about getting naruto ninja storm 2, but I’ve heard Tekken 6 is good too, I want a 3d fighting game that has a lot of running around like star wars episode 3 the video game if you ever played it, if anyone knows any other good 3d fighting game or know if I should get naruto ninja storm than please help

  • Yoshi

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  • Caltel T

    This game (from what I remember) was a fighting game that you played against a CPU opponent. Circles would show up on the enemy (and on you) and you had to hit or defend either high, middle, or low. This one has been driving me nuts for years.

  • joevsyou

    there is a oldish woman with glasses that has a manchester accent and she says somthing like ” they come out the factory gates at night doing the kung fu with their paws” i just cant think what its advertising the advert is at least a couple of years old please help
    what is it advertising
    yep i found it it was advertising nutigrain

  • heavenly sword

    i used to play what i swear was doa, and i cud change Helena’s fighting style i thought between like flying crane and t’ai chi ch’uan or something and for some reason i cannot find a game like that and i know i played it lol

  • kass9191

    I want to know which out of blazblue and street fighter 4, i really want blazblue because of the anime and fast paced game play and it appeals to me better than street fighter 4 but people say it’s to hard for beginners to fighting games.

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  • jag43216

    I’ve never owned a fighting game before, and I’ve only played Street Fighter like once. Would MvC2 be a good start? How hard is it to learn how to play and stuff.

  • Jenna

    So i wanna make a flash game. Its gonna be a side by side fighting game but i want to include unlockable characters. Right now i have photoshop cs4 and sothink swf quicker(make images in ps and import to sothink) but are there any other flash programs that would make this easier(is photoshop flash any good?) and any tutorials on actionscript would be great thx

  • kevindiking67verizonnet

    I want to get a fighting game for my 360 but I can’t really decide between soul calibur 4, virtua fighter 5, and dead or alive 4, I want to pick one of these games specifically because of theway you can move around to fight, unlike street fighter so don’t suggest that game 😛 plz support your opinion on why one of those would be best or suggest a better game where you can move around to fight.