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Meet Mr. Scratch (Caution: He's a Psycho)

Meet Mr. Scratch (Caution: He's a Psycho)

by David GeesonFebruary 13, 2012

We’ve heard a lot about the upcoming XBLA continuation of the Alan Wake franchise, but we’ve never really heard much about the games antagonist, Mr. Scratch. Well get ready to meet him in the latest, and massively pulp-inspired trailer:

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He’s something right? Definitely the antithesis of the calm and collected Alan Wake. The “Pulp Fiction” feel mentioned in the latest developer diary is something they’ve pulled off well; The quintin Tarantino feel is rampant in a trailer that rings heavily of Reservoir Dogs.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare will be released exclusively on the Xbox 360 marketplace on the 22nd of February as part of the upcoming Xbox Live House Party promotion.

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David Geeson
  • Abraham

    This game could have been so much better.

  • Santos

    Well, nice to meet him/it lol

  • Melony Hurter

    Please advise a great shopping internet site for xbox 360 game titles . I want to purchase Alan Wake Restricted Version but it really is not accessible locally. Also, when is Global Cricket 2010 going to be avalible in India?

  • Deborah Holliday

    I just handed the game Alan Wake on the Xbox 360 and I was wondering when they just take place. I mean, are they a prequel to the game, is it way soon after the game, or is it just continuing the conclude of the game? Their 560 Microsoft Points, so if they don’t carry on the storyline I’m most likely not gonna buy them. Make Sure You help!

  • Gamer959

    Okay so it has already been 8 hours and its only at 51 percent! i dont know if something is wrong with my xbox or what?

  • nasty1

    I beat Alan Wake yesterday and I have to admit that game was astounding! But even though i truly paid attention I still didnt quite understand what happened at the end if someone could elaberate for me that would be greatly appreciated.

  • Mc L

    I got an xbox 360 for christmas. With it came a code to download Alan Wake. I entered the code and started downloading it without any issue, but I had to stop the download and shut off the console before it was completed. I remember that it said I could download it again, but I don’t know how. Any ideas?

  • NC Baller

    I’m looking for which version of Alan Wake I’m playing, but I didn’t seem to find it. Can anyone point me how to check it please?

  • Jonathan

    Does it look like a good game to buy when it comes out