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MW3 Content Season Starts for the PlayStation Network

MW3 Content Season Starts for the PlayStation Network

by 8 Bit BritFebruary 29, 2012











PlayStation Network gamers it’s finally here! The start of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 content season for Call of Duty Elite “premium” members has begun! The first two of the maps have dropped called “Piazza” and “Liberation” two very detailed and exciting maps to explore. You might recognize parts of both of these maps to resemble parts of Italy and NYC. “Liberation” has very similar features to Central Park in downtown NYC. A long range sniper map, be prepared to avoid those sneaky snipers on this map. “Piazza” is a close quarter, close range map of what seems to be a maze of stairs at first. Danger can be found at almost every turn on this beautiful Italian sea side town map.

Since the PlayStation Network doesn’t get the first release of the maps like Xbox Live users do, you can expect another map called “Overwatch” to be released March 29th, another great NYC map that takes place on top of a high-rise in the city. If you aren’t a Call of Duty Elite premium member yet, you are missing out on some really great content before the rest of the community gets it!

Stay tuned to more news and updates about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 with The Game Fanatics!

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  • cave_dweller

    Great news!

  • josiealena

    I forgot my Playstation Network account password, I know the email. Even So in buy to recuperate it, I require my date of birth. I was in a rush so I designed a fake date of birth. Now what? I dwell in the United States if any individual is likely to give me a cellphone number. Any Person have earlier experiences? Thank you so significantly in advance.

  • Maggie Saucier

    If I were to start a big down load on the playstation network, then flip off my playstation and begin it back up later, will it pick up exactly where it still left off or will I have to start off the download over? Thanks.

  • Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag

    If I were to begin a big download on the playstation network, then turn off my playstation and start it back up later, will it pick up where it left off or will I have to start the download over? Thanks.

  • Gabriel Kenney

    What if the creators of call of duty decided to think out side the box? I was thinking since everything is either based off past wars or present wars, what if they brought stuff from the past in to the future? Example: What if Hitlers third Reich were to be successful in the present? How would people react and the way technology change warfare if that world war went on now? If you have any connections to the producers then please contact them and tell them about this idea. Also the reason why i am asking is to get opinions on my ideas and make them better. I believe that this would give them SO many ways to create a game that is fun for all sorts of fps(first person shooters). So please leave a comment on your idea of this and ways to make it better. Please dont go off of facts. its just a game

  • henryshensbcglobalnet

    When I first heard of Battlefield 3 I thought

    “Oh f*ck, another Call of Duty shooter. I’m getting sick of those.”

    But I’ve heard that not only is BF3 different, but far superior. What is the difference between the Call of Duty series, and the Battlefield series?

  • Scott W

    Ok! Heres my story. I was playing Capture the Flag on Terminal the other day. My team was dominating the other team like crazy. They had only 1 flag captured while we had like 12 flags captured. We won that match like nothing. Since then, I thought about starting a clan. I only have Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops, and I’ve already pre-ordered Modern Warfare 3. I don’t want to join an existing clan, but intstead, start one of my own. I own an Xbox 360 and a PS3. My gamertag is Pokemon7thst. My PSN is TheWilliam312. Message me anytime if your interested. I’m usually always on. Oh and I forgot to mention that I have a mic. 😀

  • D3ZZY

    Somehow my “CoD2MP_s.exe” and “CoD2SP_s.exe” are deleted i just get the sp from my cd but i was installed 1.13 patch and i can’t join any server with first install version’s “CoD2MP_s.exe”.So can anyone upload his 1.13 “CoD2MP_s.exe” ? So my problem can solve pls.

  • alberto s

    I Think Halo 4 is going to be better. What do you think.

  • isk8at818

    I need a website that tells you how to play call of duty preferably Black Ops or MW2.

    thats the only one i got I need at least 2, thanks
    lol dude no… i know how to play COD its just that i need an article its for homework

  • mr flibble

    My opinion is far cry 2 but most people want call of duty 5 because its call duty 4 engine and the people who are making it are call duty 3 people and I heard they suck at making games……

  • Muzahid

    I dont know which to pick because in call duty u could get alot of guns and shoot zombies and left 4 dead there is more zombies but look cooler zombies on left 4 dead but no powerful guns in left 4 dead.

  • Daniel

    What call of duty game is everyone playing? What’s the most popular? And can two people with two different call of duty games still team up on WiFi even though they have different call of duties?

  • Taylor2k

    I’ve never owned a cod game at all, i’m planning on buying black ops next week but i have a few questions. How do you level up in call of duty, does each kill amount to a certain amount of experience or do you gain a certain amount of experience for winning a match? Oh and how does the call of duty points/cash work?


  • Harriet W

    I want to play competitive call of duty (preferably modern warfare 2 or call of duty 4) and try to win competitions and stuff. How would I go about finding competitions and becoming professional?