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Shank 2 Brawls its Way to Your Home

Shank 2 Brawls its Way to Your Home

by Ben RunningsFebruary 7, 2012

In addition to a few other higher profile releases, today also marks the return of the beautiful 2d brawler Shank 2. The game hits PC and PSN(SEN) today with the XBLA version tomorrow.

Shank 2 is priced at 800 Microsoft Points or $9.99/ £7.99/ € 9.99 (now that’s a lot of currencies!)

A new addition to the game is a 2 player co-op survival mode where you and a friend fight to survive an endless stream of baddies. Gauge your interest in Shank 2 based on this trailer:

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Ben Runnings
Ben Runnings
Ben graduated from college-land with a degree in game design and now spends his time working for the 'man.' A Genesis kid growing up, it wasn't until he stumbled upon Ocarina of Time that he drove head first into gaming. Hobbies include: continuing to learn Japanese, playing videogames (duh), reading (in Japanese and English), writing (also duh), and rock climbing. He has also recently gotten back into PC gaming after many years of having terrible computers and loves it.
  • Sang

    sometimes i lay underneath my bed & pretend i’m a carrot.. in other news…

  • Cecilia

    I need to change my gamertag and i only acquired 400 microsoft points. is there anyway somebody could get me a 400 hundred or 1600 i get you in a 10th lobby for mw2 waw or cod4, i can do anything.

  • kbarrett319

    I have an xbox with two xbox live accounts on it, one particular account has Microsoft points and the other does not. Can I swap the Microsoft details to the other xbox dwell account?

  • Eberhard

    It is 5:57AM right here in england as I create this and I come to feel like observing a film but the only difficulty is I do not have plenty of microsoft points, I will not want my account holding any credit card information and all the ebay retailers are closed, I tried using the american ebay but they only perform on american accounts, Exactly Where can I acquire immediate delivery microsoft factors this early in the morning?
    If I website link a credit card can I unlink it after?

  • Stella Sotelo

    Does any person know how several Microsoft Details the zombie map that is coming out tomorrow for CoD:WaW will cost?

  • Lizzie Galatioto

    I have an xbox with two xbox live accounts on it, one particular account has Microsoft factors and the other does not. Can I change the Microsoft points to the other xbox are living account?

  • Motordom

    I know you accumulate Gamer points as you unlock achievements, But do they get added to your microsoft points?