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WAKFU Available Now

WAKFU Available Now

by Jennifer KibbleFebruary 29, 2012

WAKFU is a tactical online RPG game from Squre-Enix (US) and Ankama Games (UK) that has just been released for the PC and MAC. WAKFU tells the story of Ogrest who collected eggs with good intentions. However, Ogrest love interest wanted only the eggs and not Ogrest. Upset by this, he ended up killing her and then took to a mountaintop and cried for 1000 years.

Download the game here and play for free. Becoming a premium member over the free membership will give you a lot more bonuses.

“With WAKFU, we are giving more responsibility and freedom to players. Their actions have a real impact on not only their character, but also on the environment, as well as on the political and economic life of their nations. We hope that the original experience offered by WAKFU will appeal to players and the game will have the same longevity as DOFUS.” – Anthony Roux, CEO of Ankama and Creative Director of WAKFU

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Jennifer Kibble
  • potato.head

    Great news!

    • 8-Bit Brit

      Mmhmm. This game rocks!

  • Daniel

    I’ve found all the other episodes in French with English subs but I only need to have episode 21.
    I’ll only down load hyperlinks from Megaupload or rapidshare. I will not obtain from any other file-hosting website.

    watching it on the web or downloading (from megaupload or rapidshare) is preferred.

  • Nazar Tedesco

    Or is it just me who cannot discover the page?
    I nevertheless believe it really should be on there. “IMDB” is just it can be name, they have details about tv series, video games, quick movies and several more. But anyway, I just submitted the data for Wakfu to their site so hopefully the information will be up shortly.

  • Sriram R

    I want to watch Wakfu in English subs Episode 1 – 23 (or whatever episode they’re on now) is they’re any website that shows this?

  • NC Baller

    I just bought the new 2011 macbook pro and was wondering that my mac came with max osx 10.6.6. What is the purpose of snow leopard or whatever its called. Is it for a more specialized software for developers or is it an upgrade like vista to windows 7? And I heard that mac os Lion is coming out this summer as well too. So basically what is it for and should I buy it when it comes out. Thank you in advance.

  • Willie

    I’ve got an overwhealming urge to watch this show now that I’ve heard about it.

  • timq3dimensionscom

    Im planning on getting a mac, but im not sure if itll work some of my favorite games like counter-strike, which is and older windows game. Can someone help me with this?

  • Lia-lu-li

    I always wondered what the difference between the MAC counter at Bloomingdales/Nordstrom/Macy’s and the actual MAC store and if the MAC Pro store was the same as the regular store.
    Thanks you guys!

  • Travoiz

    I’m bored and I don’t have anything to do. No Runescape, Maple story, dofus, wakfu
    Habbo is not a game it’s social gaming like club penguin
    Appreciate the idea rlf but I don’t care for those cheap low running time consuming applications
    I already know those I mean mmo
    ^^^^^^Î mean Jomari

  • Goe122

    I just recently bought a zune to accompany my laptop, however due to unusual circumstances, I am not currently in possesion of that computer anymore. However, I do have a mac laptop now. Unfortuantly I can not use my zune w/ the mac. I am currently at my friends house and can use her computer to update my zune. I have the software downloaded, and the zune is connected. Is there any way to transfer the music from the mac to the pc, w/o using the internet (takes waaaaaayyyyy toooo loooonnnnngggg!!). I think we have wires and stuff, but im not sure if that would help.
    anyway wirelessly??

  • Sophia C

    I just got a mac so when you first use it, it asks start up questions. One of those questions ask if I want to transfer information from my old PC to the new mac. I say yes, but it’s been a really long time now and the connection has been interrupted and I’ve even stopped the transfer on the PC. However, the mac still says it’s transferring when I know it obviously isn’t. There is no cancel button, so how do I stop it?