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The Comic Fanatic – Week of 3/21: Top X-Men Stories, Sleeper, Invincible, American Vampire

The Comic Fanatic – Week of 3/21: Top X-Men Stories, Sleeper, Invincible, American Vampire

by Greg DeVriesMarch 22, 2012

Hello, True Believers! Going to be somewhat of a shorter post, didn’t pick up any new books this week. However, just for you, dear reader, just because I care, I wrote a story about my top 5 favorite X-Men stories. I put a lot of time into it, in hopes that someone (like you!) would read it and be inspired to share in my love of X-Men. The article is here. Read it, enjoy it (or don’t), and drop me a line and let me know what you think. @theindiegeek. Now, I could leave you with just that, but where would the fun be? Let me tell you about a few other comics you should be reading.

I previously reviewed American Vampire, Volume 1. Since then, I have had the chance to review volumes two and three, and they are just as fantastic. It continues Pearl’s and Skinner’s stories through the developing United States. Well written, and very well drawn, American Vampire is a must read for any vampire fans. It shows how vampires SHOULD be. On a different note, I read about eighty issues worth of Invincible since last week. Easily one of the best books I’ve read. It’s a realistic story of what would happen if a teenage had superman-level powers. Written by Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead), it’s amazing. To call it a combination between Spider-man and Superman, would be a crude and insufficient way of putting it. It is a remarkable book with great character, amazing writing and beautiful art. READ INVINICBLE! GO! NOW! Lastly, if noir is more your taste, don’t miss Sleeper by Ed Brubaker. I previously read the first book of Sleeper and loved it, and read the second book and it just might have been even better. Holden Carver is even craftier and more cunning in the second book.

There. X-Men, American Vampire, Invincible, and Sleeper. Something for everybody. Now get out to your comics store!

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  • Marcie Carew

    I was pondering of picking up a vampire comic book. I am caught between I, Vampire from the DCnU and American Vampire. I right here they are the two good, but I also hear I, Vampire tends to make you study Justice League Dark, which I hear is also good. Which is much better and for what causes in your opinion?

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  • Norman Osborn

    I would have to concur with your statement about Invincible. There needs to be more people reading this title. It’s easily one of the best superhero books on the market and can hold up to any other book. This book features fantastic artwork by Ryan Ottley and some of the most gorgeous coloring I’ve seen…wait, since when do I pay attention to the colors of a book? Oh yeah, Invincible was the first book to do that. Did I mention that Invincible is created and written by Robert Kirkman? I didn’t? That’s right! The same Robert Kirkman who’s responsible for The Walking Dead! If you think Kirkman knows how to write a zombie story then you should witness his superhero prowess! Too many exclamations!!!

    Simply Norman

  • Eberhard

    Also how could Chapters are there in each??? Remember To answer cuz i truly wished to start off reading Vampire Knight and i just wished to know…

  • Wooooody

    I’ve been doing some research of x-men, and I have concluded that x-men was created from a response to racism. I need to know a good episode that has background of racism as the main theme for that episode. What is the episode number or name of the episode or the season? Thanks!

    By the way, I’m talking about the animated series called X-Men: Evolution.

  • PoohBearPenguin

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  • Cliffy N

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  • Smashing Pumpkins

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