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Forget the Mass Effect 3 Ending, Let's Petition to Get the Avengers Game Back!

Forget the Mass Effect 3 Ending, Let's Petition to Get the Avengers Game Back!

by Charles PowersMarch 27, 2012

Instead of trying to change the fate of a game that’s already’s been developed, why don’t we focus our attention on a promising game that was canned before it had a chance to live.

Remember the canned THQ Avengers game? The first-person one with co-op and multiplayer? If not, here’s some leaked pre-alpha footage:

Here’s to hoping that someone doesn’t just let this sleeping dog lie.

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Charles Powers
Charles Powers
Charles is the Founder of The Game Fanatics and nonprofit, United We Game. A Full-Time Creative Director and Graphic Designer, he loves video games with a fanatical passion and uses TGF as his outlet for all things geek culture.
  • Christy

    there are tons of vidoe games that are both coming out this year, or have all study arrive out. which types do you believe will be the hottest of 2007?

    i personally cannot wait for halo 3.
    *spelled video clip wrong. lol

  • Melissa Nason

    “THQ has announced that they will be releasing the WWE SmackDown vs. Uncooked Superstar Series for the PS2 system, retailing for $29.99. The three-game set will consist of the unique SmackDown vs. Uncooked in addition to the SDvR 2006 and the SDvR 2007 editions”
    -whats that mean?
    thanx the excellent one!

  • Mistry

    as a fresh man in game and simulation programming what are my chances of becoming successful?

  • David

    Simpsons the complete ninth season. Ultimate Avengers 1 and 2. The origanel transformers movie dvd 20th aniverssery addition. Kung fu hustle. kung pow enter the fist. King Kong. Star Wars 1. GH rock the 80’s Naruto: uzumaki chronicals. Sneak king and DDR SuperNove with dance pad.

  • heavenly sword

    Is the yellow avenger spongebob game good? Can you send me a summary of the game and some pictures. I want to get it. The one for psp. Is it fun? Does it take a while to beat? Is it fun? Easy?

  • Zack Faria

    I used to have the Game called ” DEER AVENGER”.It was like a cartoon game and consisted of a deer that would hunt people in a city,bar or office. The game starts out with his girlfriend gets ran over by a truck and he wants to get revenge and gets a shotgun and starts hunting people. It’s an old game,and I used to play it on Windows 98, but my disk got broke and I can’t find this game anymore. Has anyone heard of it or maybe knows where I can find it?

  • stingerms

    game doesn’t even load help !