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Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage Hands On Impressions

Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage Hands On Impressions

by Jason ChestnutMarch 29, 2012

Gamepires new PC combat racing game, Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage is currently in open beta, and I had a chance to give the game a test drive (get it?) for some vehicular mass destruction fun times.
Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage is being marketed as a “combat racing” game. That is, basically, a racing game where you can shoot at and possibly destroy the other cars. This is not an entirely new concept, the Wipeout games for example allow you to use weapons and powerups and of course who can forget Mario Kart? However, Gas Guzzlers is more of a down and dirty, grown up affair with customizable muscle cars brandishing mounted machine guns, rocket launchers and shotguns. You can pickup a variety of pickups along the way to aid you including instant repairs, shields, additonal ammo, mines, oil slicks and even nitro boosts.

Yes, those are machine guns...where you going?

Visually speaking, the developers have a gone a long way in portraying a gritty style. You’ll race on and off road in locations around the world. The preview build I got to mess around with had only two tracks, one in a rocky, mountainous winding stretch that was reminiscient of the American Southwest, and an Egyptian desert style track complete with pyramids in the background. The cars range in style from lean looking muscle cars to more compact models. The demo included four different sleek looking stock cars to choose from each with different default mounted weapons. The cars will also display damage done to them as they get more and more beat up and collect dirt and mud from the tracks. There were also some nice lighting effects with rays of sunlight shooting through cracks in caves and around trees and buildings. The game may need some more optimization however, as even though it defaulted to high settings on my beefy gaming rig it chugged along at an almost unplayable frame rate. I made a few minor adjustments and from then on out the game ran pretty smoothly.

One of the scenic locales where the carnage takes place.

Like most racing games, success on the track relies on precision driting around tight corners with strategic use of the handbrake to help out during trickier manuevers. The tracks switch from off road to on road and while I expected the off road sections to control a little more loosely (since I’m mostly spinning out on dirt and/or gravel) I found the controls on the asphalt to be a little loose in sections as well. Add in the fact that your competitors are constantly shooting at you or leaving mines or oil slicks in your path and things can get a little hectic. Mounted weapons can be fired both forwards and backwards, which I thought was a nice little feature. The idea of winning a race either the old fashioned way or by systematically destroying the competition (literally) certainly has some sort of fiendish appeal. [pullquote_right]systematically destroying the competition (literally) certainly has some sort of fiendish appeal.[/pullquote_right]
The sound so far is adequate, but there seems to be a default voice for your driver that sounds like an angry profanity spewing trucker, which was the same on all the cars. Hopefully we’ll get more variety when the game actually launches. The tongue-in-cheek approach is appreciated, but I worry that it might get a bit grating after a while. A lot of the one-liners came off as more than a little forced. The music was somewhat generic, but the sound effects, from the explosions and gunfire to the squealing tires were pretty spot on.

To be honest, once I got used to the controls (and got it to work with my gamepad) there was definitely some fun to be had. I’m curious to see how the customization works in the full game and to try out some of the other tracks in some more varied environments. The full game will also have bonus objectives per track for extra cash and incentives like that can go a long way towards replay value. Also, it would be nice to see how this concept plays out in multiplayer. Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage is in public beta with a release date yet to be announced. For more info, check out the Gamepires official site. You can also try the game out for yourself by downloading a beta build from Fileplanet. Stay tuned to the Game Fanatics for our full review when the game launches.

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Jason Chestnut
  • General X

    Wow this game looks interesting. May fill the void in the racing game genre this year.

  • Marcie Thach

    It Can Be like seeing somebody bang their head repeatedly in opposition to a brick wall.

  • Patsy Herring

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  • Malinda Shurtliff

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  • Janet Somerville

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  • Mr SoLo DoLo

    You no, racing but with missile launches in your car and stuff. Thanks

  • RxP DarkBox

    After trying NFS and Pure, I’m really into racing like that. What are some other good racing games?
    And are there any combat racing games for the PC?
    Adam, I know what Reactor is, it sucks.
    I can’t even play three minutes of ANY ijji games without the game crashing.
    AVA, Gunz, SUN and Soldier Front all crash three minutes after I play them. Just a waste of space.
    And I don’t like games because of graphics. I turned the graphics down on UT3 so it looked like Redneck Rampage from 1997 xD

  • musicistabest

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    The military may not be a business, but it is still EMPLOYING.

  • Xavier Hawthorne

    does any one know of any good combat racing games? i want one where you can shoot at others and for ps2

  • Wooooody

    I want to be equally skilled in Mage and combat (swords, shields ect.) and am not really sure what race to choose I was thinking Brenton but there more Mage and stealth.
    What do you guys think?

    Now Im Confussed /

  • Harriet W

    A similar question was asked before by another user, but I figured I should ask again. I have this game (see title) and I have PS2 slim, but every time I try to save it doesn’t. There seems to be some sort of glitch. I know there’s nothing wrong with my PS2 because my other games work perfectly fine and I know I have plenty of space on my memory card. I was wondering if anyone knows anyway I can exchange it for a better one maybe?

  • evangldbrg

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  • Noe R

    Hi! It will be my first console after psp. And i didn’t game on pc. I’m thinking that i should buy a game to get used to controller before buying kz3. The store is pretty far from where i live so i should better buy a game with console.

    So which should i buy?
    Just Cause 2 (top of my list, most wanted)
    God of war 1&2
    Assassins creed 2
    Ace Combat
    A racing game?
    Duh?? Sonic Generations??


  • Melanie

    i have 50 dollars of itune voucher and i don’t kno what games to buy my best at the moment is infinity blade, real racing 1, modern combat black pegasus and touch grind bmx i have only 51 apps

  • uberfailz

    Im looking for a good game for PS2 .I got 40 dollars to spend.(i got more but 40 is good enough,and dont say”save the money”)Ive bought Ace Combat 5 and loved the storyline,but I doubt Ace Combat 6 is anyway the same.Crash and ratchet,going commando.I beat it but hated it.there was too many objectives and little time wasters.Racing and sports games arnt my thing at all.My 1 year younger cousin had Gun or some western shooter which I really liked.I really liked it but I want to know if its a 1st person shooter cause they make me get nausea.So western shooters are something for me too think about.too be honest it took me a couple of weeks to finish Ace Combat 5.SO something that will keep me entertained all summer or june long.Whatever you can suggest will be fine.Thank you very much.

  • Derek

    I have a van that gives 18 mpg. It has 170,000 miles on it. The wear shows but it is doing fine otherwise and all othersystems work. I have owned it for 8 years.
    My next car will definitely be a Hybrid that gives more than 35 mpg.
    My dilemma is:
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