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Indie Showcase | Children of Liberty

Indie Showcase | Children of Liberty

by William HarmonMarch 13, 2012

So a cool indie game has come to my attention recently. Made by Lantana Games, Children of Liberty first struck me because of its neat visuals. A 2D side scrolling platformer, Children of Libery appears to be a pretty straight forward brawler with some sneaking mechanics thrown in. A quick synopsis of the game:

Children of Liberty is a stealth-based platformer which takes place on the eve of the American Revolution. You play as one of four kids on a mission to break their parents out of jail and warn the countryside of the pending Redcoat attack. Players have various tools at their disposal depending on the character they play, including Toy Swords, Grappling Yoyos, and Smoke Bombs. COL places a heavy emphasis on stealth-based gameplay, allowing the player to hide in shadows and pop out when the time is right; meanwhile remaining true to the core of classic 2D platformers like Pitfall and Mega Man, but in a fully realized and navigatable 3D world.

The game play looks solid, from what I can tell from the trailer (at the bottom of this post). The “sneaking in the shadows” bit could end up being cool, once I get my hands on the game. Though as I said, the presentation is what strikes me most. The art style, yes, but also the fact that the game is staged during the beginning of the American Revolution. Not too many games are set in this era, and so the story lines, atmosphere, as well as architecture and character designs are largely unexplored.

Plus, 2D brawlers are always fun. Some of the features that you’ll see in Children of Liberty:

  • Classic, fast paced, 2D platforming in a 3D environment.
  • Stealth mechanics like hiding and Takedowns let you turn the tide of battle and remain unseen.
  • Traditional animation for the 21st century: Beautifully rendered, high resolution, hand drawn sprites combine seamlessly with the Unity engine’s real-time lighting and shadow capabilities to create an unparalleled visual aesthetic.
  • Four distinct playable characters, including Joseph, a classic platforming hero with a Double Jump and a Toy Sword; Ally, a free-running gymnast with a knack for Slides, Kicks, and Wall Runs; Doug, a burly tank who’s not afraid to shake the ground or Tackle Redcoats; and Sarah, an adorable but deadly Colonial Ninja.
  • Meet historical figures key to the birth of America, including Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Margaret Gage, and Paul Revere.

If the writing is good, and thus the characters are likeable and their plights engaging, I think this title could definitely be worth some play time.

The Trailer:

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William Harmon
  • D360

    Im sure you had fun writing this article eh? 😉

  • sammiguan

    My interest has been perked

  • CookieRaider

    This game is garbage, its always been, the devs suck.

  • potato.head

    This game could have been so much better.

  • CookieRaider

    I\\\\\\\’ve been waiting a long time for this.

  • Anne Felton

    How was the Irish Revolution and American Revolution comparable to each other and diverse from each other?

    I’m in US Heritage 1 and I need to have to compose a 4 page essay on it, if that helps.
    Best answer gets all points!
    The Irish Revolution that lasted from 1919 to 1921.

  • Abbey Spencer

    How did American society alter amongst the American Revolution and the Civil War? How did altering designs of settlement, population, economy, and way of life reshape the character of Americans’ lives in the north, south, east, and west?

  • Serena Frieden

    Any evidence? I am suppose to write an essay about how the American Revolution affected/cause the French Revolution. Whether I think it or not, I am suppose to persuade the instructor that the American Revolution is the lead to of the French evolution.

  • Noemi Madero

    Why did the american revolution start? who or what began it and why is it essential to the u.s?

  • Kevin

    I’ve been thinking about creating a 2D fighting game, similar to Super Smash Brothers (if it were to be put on a GameBoy Advanced), and I would like to know which program I should use to create the 2D sprite characters, stages, animate them, and then the program I should use to code the entire thing.

    If you could give me the titles of the programs or links, I would appreciate it. Thank you.