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Street Fighter X Tekken Hits Shelves: First Impressions & DLC Controversy

Street Fighter X Tekken Hits Shelves: First Impressions & DLC Controversy

by Chris CalasahanMarch 8, 2012

In what was a crazy day in video games yesterday, several anticipated titles were released, surefire hit Mass Effect 3  and baseball simulators MLB 2K12 & MLB 2012 The Show.  Along with these games, Capcom dropped the much hyped Street Fighter X Tekken.  Featuring a staggering 38 character roster from both Street Fighter & Tekken  franchises, this cross-over game has the majority of the fighting game community excited.  The very successful engine from Street Fighter IV was used to create this game, although it was slightly modified so the gameplay was fitting for both Tekken & Street Fighter players alike.   This fighter allows for teams of two to really mash out and try to combo the heck out of each other.  There is a gem system that gives this game a twist by giving various boosts to players that can be activated through different circumstances during a match.  Capcom also made it so the tag team mode could feature 4 players in the new Scramble Mode where 4 players can play on or offline, giving players a new style of Street Fighter that hasn’t been seen in a long time.

This title retails for $59.99, is Rated T for Teen and is available for for XBox 360 and Playstation 3.  A Windows PC version  of this game is coming in May and a Playstation Vita set to be released this Fall.  The Playstation Vita version is set to come with additional characters that weren’t included in the console versions released yesterday.  These additional characters have also caused a controversy with fans as the data for the new characters were included on the console versions but the characters were not available to play as they would be featured as upcoming DLC.  Fans are upset with Capcom cause these characters were not available at the original release date, because this could be considered a ploy for Capcom to make money with their DLC.  Capcom has defended this by stating that the reason this version included the characters data was that they wanted this version to be able the definitive edition of this game so there will not have to be a “Super” edition that needs to be purchased.  This has caused a mixed reaction from fans but Capcom wants this to make sure that people who do not want additional content can play with people that purchase additional DLC.  This seems to be the best way to handle DLC for now but of course it won’t make everyone happy.

The game itself from the first few rounds is fantastic.  There are a few issues with online play where the sounds do match up during matches is the only complaint so far, but this is something that Capcom could easily patch so we expect an update will be available as soon as they can work it out.  A full review will be available shortly so keep your eyes out for that.

Source: Gamezone

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Chris Calasahan
  • Cooldude1990

    This game is garbage, its always been, the devs suck.

  • 3raser


  • Josh Billings

    What’s the difference?

  • Chejito Soto Urizar

    Aside From that they are currently being manufactured by capcom and namco

  • bymo

    What’s the difference?

  • Carrie Major

    Does the road fighter x tekken ps3 fightpad s.d break down like the previous madcatz model and is it appropriate on the pc with emulators and 2d fighter maker 2002 games?

  • Lucas H

    I want to play Capcom vs Marvel online and none of my emulators recognized them(mvc roms) for some reason,so can someone give a link to where I can find an emulator that’s commonly used on kaillera?

  • Ryan Z

    He’s a green cactus guy with stretchy arms that’s wearing a purple sombrero. I THINK hes from Capcom, but I’m not sure. I think I saw him in one of those Marvel vs Capcom arcade games, and I just can’t remember his name.

  • DuckieM10

    I herd rumors of a Nintendo vs Capcom game, either going to be made or in the making, with matches such as Megaman vs Samus etc. Right now I’m unsure wether this is true or not. If so, could I get some more details? Such as stages or fighters.

  • nyyankees1123

    There are no 1 and 2 buttons on the classic controller, so how do I pull off hyper combos? Is it even possible?

  • Thomas A

    In Marvel vs. Capcom 3, a player played as Wolverine, X-23, and Deadpool. They are from Marvel. When a player completed arcade mode in the default conditions, can a player unlock one ending, two endings, or three endings for a team?

  • henryshensbcglobalnet

    is there actually a difference because i am going buy to one but the price difference of the two is quite big which ultimate marvel vs capcom has the higher price, is there actually the difference like gameplay and both games have their own achievements?

    thank you

    detailed answer please as i don’t know which to get

  • Paul M

    Capcom the king of DLC.

    Need I say anything else?
    The DLC characters are 5$ per 2.

    You KNOW what capcom is doing.

  • borabora5524

    i bought marvel vs capcom on xbox 360. i played it with my friend and he said that there are character that i can unlock. so i beat the single player mode and nothing happen. what do i do?

  • veemodz

    Well I remember the game stop I went to pre ordered marvel vs capcom 3 for me. What do you get if you did and how long do you have to pick up the copy before they won’t keep it?

  • Seth

    They were virtually the same until the Alpha series, really, although I believe some like to disagree. Was it because Capcom wanted characters that would appeal to both Asian and Western markets? That’s the only reason I could see for that.

  • Michael K

    I recently downloaded Marvel vs Capcom 2 for xbox 360. But then I moved my xbox to where I do not get an internet connection. I can still sign on my gamertag but not to live since I dont have a connection. I tried playing the game just by using my gamertag but it says its a trial game, not full. Its doing this also with my other downloaded games. Does this happen to everyone or is there some kind of setting to avoid it.

  • Courtney

    I want to play Capcom vs Marvel online and none of my emulators recognized them(mvc roms) for some reason,so can someone give a link to where I can find an emulator that’s commonly used on kaillera?

  • JDOGG1122

    I was just wondering if their were any good Capcom games coming out soon?