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Tali, Mass Effect 3, and the Heroes Who Hide Behind a Mask

Tali, Mass Effect 3, and the Heroes Who Hide Behind a Mask

by Jennifer KibbleMarch 12, 2012

In order to spare those who are currently playing Mass Effect 3 and/or wish to not see Tali’s face, there are no spoilers in this article nor pictures of what Tali looks like according to Bioware. If you wish to see, feel free to follow the source link at the end of this article. Be warned, spoilers.

Ever since we were introduced to Tali’Zorah nar Rayya (eventually changed to vas Normandy), we were intrigued by what her face looked like. Due to certain circumstances in Mass Effect 3, we learn that Tali’s face is a slightly altered stock photo. Personally, like most Mass Effect and Tali fans, I would have like to see Bioware take their time and be creative with Tali’s face. Bioware had since 2007, fanart and concept art from the fans to pull ideas from. Instead, they used a photograph from Matthew Leete and photoshopped it. If Bioware couldn’t come up with a better image for Tali’s face, then they shouldn’t have had her face revealed.

With this Tali mess at the forefront, it brings up an interesting question: Do we want to see the face of a masked character? Especially when so much time has passed without seeing it? Is it best to leave their face to the imagination?

After playing as Master Chief in the Halo series, we all have an idea on what John looks like under his green helmet. Should 343 reveal his face in Halo 4? Does it even matter or should it be a tad dramatic, as in Raven’s reveal in Knights of the Old Republic?

Perhaps our expectations are too high on what certain characters truly look like. If you’re going to show a character’s face for the first time after a prolong amount of time has passed, then be creative and perhaps take something from what the fans are asking for. Granted, you can’t please everyone and we all have our own thoughts on what they look like, but if you’re going to show us their face, please put some effort into it.


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  • Milk84

    Mass effect 3, I’ve already gotten the photo from tali in my cabin but me and a buddy are sharing this play through. I ended up with tali but he still wants to get with Diana, can he or is a new game In order

  • Anny

    I’m doing this bing survey thing and they will only give me Xbox (microsoft) points. The thing is, i only use PC games, Bioware to be precise. i’m hoping someone can help me in this, i really have no money to be able buy some of these DLCs, and I’ve been trying to figure out how to make the exchange. If someone can help, they are a wonderful person!

  • arronwrath

    I would atleast like to know what happend to the lover i chose and a little closer on what happend to the galaxy. All we know is that the mass relays blew up and everyone is now stuck. Another thing that would be nice is more choices at the end also.

  • zigg3ns

    Just like the question states. I missed the segment for BioWare’s Star Wars: The Old Republic at this Years E3. Where can I find the full stream online?


  • Balla

    Do romantic relationships make any difference in 3?

  • opurt

    I know they won’t make anymore before launch but will they after?

  • nmlpc

    Can someone link me to a wiki related to mass effect that has the page related to space travel?

  • Joe T

    I’ve scene the scenes on youtube but I don’t know how to them. And stop deleting this question Admins. It’s help with a video game. A VIDEO GAME! Nothing about this question violates the user agreement. I checked.

  • Armas

    I’m playing Mass Effect 2 and I know how to get as much paragon as you want. But how much paragon do I need to keep the loyalty of Jack/Miranda and Legion/Tali. I’ve got 2 bars full so far, how much paragon do I need to keep the loyalty of the selected members.

    Thanks a million if you answer with a DECENT and HELPFUL andswer 😀

  • nyyankees1123

    Okay so I recently got mass effect 2 and I love the game. I know just like the first mass effect you can get into a relationship with one of your crew members but I never completely understood how it worked. Does being male or female decide what crew members you can get into a relationship with or can you get into a relationship with anyone in your crew dispite your gender?

  • balinderk2000

    I personally don’t have a problem with It woulda been nice to have a bit more info on what happened but did Bioware say anything on changing it?

  • toast


    What if alien get a copy of mass effect 3 and mistake it as a gift then play it and and they are so shocked and appalled by the terrible writing and awful gameplay they decide to destroy earth?

    I’m really scared guys how could bioware do this ;_;

  • Matthew S

    I played Mass Effect 2 on my brother’s Xbox and profile and so it’s saved there. But now I want to transfer my character on to my Xbox and profile in order to use him in Mass Effect 3. We tried using the Cloud storage but it wont let me transfer the
    file like this. Any help?

  • Daniel

    I heard there were 3 games modes for mass effect 3. I think it was story mode, action mode and the traditional Mass Effect mode. When I imported my Me2 Character, I was never given the option to choose between these modes.

  • skillz

    I don’t have the original Mass Effect though I’d like to play the newer, more awaited and praised Mass Effect 2.

    In what way, aside from knowing the storyline, would having played Mass Effect help/better the experience of Mass Effect 2?

  • Mark

    Well once I finish mass effect 3 can I use a different import from mass effect 2 to start over the storyline?
    I want to get the a different import from mass effect 2 because the one import im currently using has wrex dead in it and I want him alive because he is cool but I also want all the upgrades from playing ME3
    Sorry if this is a little bit hard to understand hopefully someone can answer my question.

  • sam N

    Im going to complete the first mass effect again but i chose the wrong origin and background. I dont want to start over cause im almost a level 60. I want to finish it then transfer that character to mass effect 2. Can i change that stuff on the second game?

  • Adam

    Nearly every video or post I see about Mass Effect 3 state that the ending was underwhelming and dissapointing. I’ve never played the games myself but I’m keen to know why people see it as such a bad ending?

  • nathan

    For example, if I got Mass Effect 1 cracked, and I finished the game and everything, could I still use the data file in a legit Mass Effect 2 game? Would all of my choices still matter?

    Also how do you transfer the data files from previous mass effect games to the new ones?

  • Thomas A

    I only have a PS3, so the first ME game was never released on it.
    I really think Mass Effect looks like a cool franchise to get into, right up my ally of favourite genres.

    So, should I/do I have to play ME1 to understand the other two games? And also, so you think ME1 will ever see the light of day on the PS3?

  • davemc74656

    All of the places to pre-order the limited edition version of mass effect 3 are sold out. Should I wait until the game comes out to buy the limited edition or just pre-order the regular version and give up on trying to get the limited edition?
    And no, I’ve tried gamestop, amazon, bestbuy, target, walmart, origin. They are all sold out.

  • apleaforbrandon

    I recently just started playing Mass Effect 2, and I’m extremely interested in playing my first Mass Effect 2 play-through on Insanity. Thing is, I’ve been told by numerous people that it’s extremely difficult. I’m a seasoned Mass Effect veteran — I beat the original Mass Effect numerous times on Insanity, but now I feel like it’s an entirely different monster this time around.

    Is it really that different? Is it really that hard? Do I know what I’m getting myself into?

  • Duke

    I want to start playing Mass Effect but all I have is a ps3. Mass Effect 1 isn’t on the ps3 so I can’t play it. I don’t know anything about the game’s story so if I start playing the second game will I be missing anything important?

  • ouch

    In Mass Effect 2 I picked the sentinel not knowing it could only use machine pistols, heavy pistols and heavy weapons. I want to use assault rifles and sniper rifles, can I train him to use other weapons or possibly switch classes? Im halfway through the game and don’t want to start over.


    What is a face frame haircut? Is it layering or having the hair wisp back? I love people that have layers of hair that kind of wisp back like meredith grey’s on grey’s Anatomy and kind of like Farah Fawcett how it wisps back away from the face. Is that from a haircut or from the person doing something to their hair?

  • Peter

    I’ve played mass effect loads of times, i love the game. But i’ve finished it with characters more then once, so i could be paragon first tine round then renegade second, but when i transfer my character for the second game will it take the decisions i made in the most recent play through or can i somehow choose?

  • Jermaine J

    I pre-ordered mass effect 2 so i could get the bonus junk. But I have a stupid child account! Is there any way i could get the bonus armor?

  • x_blind_x_gamer_x

    Being the generous people Bioware are they’re giving us a free download of Mass Effect 2 for buying Dragon Age II and I’m just curious what good mods are there for Mass Effect 2. I’ve googled some but not much luck as none really interest me. Are there any interesting that really stand out and where can I find them? Thanks for any help.

  • Ev dog

    I have fairly pale skin with dark brown hair and eyes. I don’t have acne but occasionally get one or two tiny red marks on my face. My skin tone is uneven, my cheeks are red. I don’t like the makeup I use now because it seems to rub off really easy because I tend to touch my face during the day. I want something that will not be heavy on my face but very natual. It has to even out my skin tone and covert those occasional blemishes. I’m willing to spend about 20 dollars on it. I’m going to Sephora this week, though this doesn’t have to be from Sephora. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • Clayton Cottrell

    I have played ME 1 but not 2. Was going to read some of the books but I don’t want Mass Effect 2 ruined before I play it.

  • Rkmc

    I finished Mass Effect 2 and began a new game curious as to if my upgrades carry over with the level weapons and armor. Apparently the paragon/renegade stats don’t.

  • Harriet W

    I love mass effect to death cause I love sci-fi games and movies and books and I think it’s a better sci-fi game than kotor and halo put together in my opinion. Mass effect is an awesome game that was ever created and it is the best rpg to gaming.

  • Mark M

    I have always played the mass effect games as a soldier on normal difficulty. I’ve always wanted to be a full biotic and complete it on the hardest difficulty, but obviously having always been a soldier it would be hard to do both.
    Does anyone know which class strikes a nice balance between having powers and being good with weapons?

    • Jake

      Infiltrator works really good with weapons and biotics, but as far as being a full biotic you might want adept

  • wwwavid360gamercom

    You know how U can register Bioware games on there social website you have too enter a number code that’s supposedly on the case somewhere but the only number code I see is the one under the barcode and that doesnt work Help please.

    • Ella

      I think if they make mass effect 4 they should let u get tattoos and let you be any race

  • Jake

    It’s Revan, not Raven

  • Brody S

    I know that they were joking when they released that abomination, but when are they gonna release the actual sequel to dragon age: origins?

  • happyha31

    I got Mass Effect 3 recently, but I got it pre-owned. I hear people complaining sometimes about how you have to play the multiplayer for the best outcome in the story. Is this really the case? Just worried because I’m continuing from my Mass Effect 2 character, and I saved everyone in ME2, don’t want all the to be for nothing.

  • Michael

    After drawing it out as long as possible I have now finished Mass Effect 3. I know there is the multiplayer and of course 2nd (plus) playthroughs, but it’s the story that really made it. What games have a story as good as Mass Effect’s, with the element of choice it gave, and the cinematic sequences?

  • ScRSC

    My new camera is really cool, it puts a box on peoples faces and follows it around. How does it work out a face?

  • Maggie

    I remember that they said they would be coming out with another ending, after so many people were angered by the original ending, but that was some months ago. What gives?

  • Matthew

    i was just thinkin about after recently beating the mass effect series, and then playing skyrim.
    i like the openness, Environment of Bethesda games,…… but i like the art style of Bioware, and the cinematic, and emotion they put into the characters

  • Michael K

    I live in Australia/Singapore. What are the respective ways to buy Bioware points? I tried Googling but none came up.