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Wakfu Developers Release Another Developer Diary

Wakfu Developers Release Another Developer Diary

by William HarmonMarch 14, 2012

I’ve spoken on Wakfu some before. It’s a really bold take on MMORPGs, and it seems to have no end to the number of innovative features to bring to the genre. Square Enix is known for encouraging player cooperation in their MMOs, and Wakfu looks to be no exception. With different kingdoms being geared towards different types of crafting (one of which being “printing money” ), players are looking at a situation that will force them to interact with the other factions. Especially since crafting seems to be such a large part of the game, making up basically the entire economy of Wakfu.

Regardless of whether this interaction is cooperative or competitive, they’re not going to have much of a choice in the matter if they want to utilize all the different features available to them. This does not fall in line with how western players are used to seeing their MMOs in recent years, but it could definitely be an eye opening experience for someone who is relatively new to the genre. The Development Team has released a new Diary video covering some of the new territories that players will be able to enjoy:

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  • cave_dweller

    My interest has been perked

  • Cat

    This game could have been so much better.

  • ctuck

    This game could have been so much better.

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