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2K Sports Inks Deal With NFL

2K Sports Inks Deal With NFL

by Ryan SmithApril 1, 2012

After years of out cries from fans around the world, and countless YouTube videos comparing the latest Madden releases to NFL 2K5, it seems your voice has been heard. After weeks of negotiations, the NFL has finally agreed to a 10 year deal granting 2K Sports the rights to produce new titles.

While Madden is still a hot seller in the video game world, and often one of the most anticipated titles each year, fans and critics agree that the series has become somewhat stagnant since the NFL pulled their license from 2K Sports.  Christoph Hartmann, President of 2K Sports, is looking to reclaim their throne on which Madden sits.

[quote]”It’s an honor for 2K Sports to not only have what is considered by many the best football ever made, but this new deal is an even bigger blessing that we can now continue to build upon those formulas and deliver a game that will knock the wind out of you.”[/quote]

While the final details are still being ironed out, fans can expect NFL 2K14 next Summer.

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  • Aaron

    April Fools? Do you have any more sources for this?

  • Louisa Ellman

    Why is nba 2k9 the only 2k sports recreation on pc?
    is it possible for them to make MLB 2k9 on pc as well?

  • Janet Somerville

    I know NCAA 2009 from EA is coming out tomorrow. Will 2K jeu be releasing NCAA 2K9?

  • Lorrie Lauro

    i kno E A bought the legal rights to all soccer video games but when is that agreement up,,, like what year can espn 2k jeu make a new football video game or an additional co. this sort of as 989

  • brincks26

    My brother just got 2K Sports MLB 2K9 for his birthday and he can’t figure out how you bat!! Please can you help us! thanks so much.

  • Death Knight

    i kno E A bought the rights to all football games but when is that contract up,,, like what year can espn 2k sports make a new football game or another co. such as 989

  • Joey 01

    Do guys think 2K Sports makes the better sports games and are they better than EA Sports games they put out ?

  • Duke

    i know mlb the show is not EA but its way better than 2k10. and omg nba live is way better than 2k10. like wow nhl 10-11 way better than 2k10. Why is this when will 2k make a good baseball game?

  • Xavier Hawthorne

    Is 2k sports going to make MLB front office for PS2?

  • callofduty5123412

    I’m looking for the Demographic and psychographic info on the BRAND not the website of 2k sports, does anyone know where I can find this for free?

  • Clayton Cottrell

    Is it because the FCC is racist! Really though I’ve seen more flesh at a local walmart.
    Realest – I would marry her she’s quite the looker :Q
    QT – So athletes should have to have blurred outfits when competing on tv? It’s no worse than what they usually wear out in the field.
    Bleu – Gymnasts wear similar outfits and they aren’t banned from TV.

  • Jeff

    How could such a successful business expect gamers to actually enjoy this game? How could they expect people to not return this worthless excuse of a game? MLB players should be ashamed that their names are even associated with this time vampire.

  • Michael C

    How much did 2k sports pay MJ, Magic, Bird in the game NBA 2k12?
    How much did 2k sports pay current stars like LeBron, Kobe, Durant, etc. in the game NBA 2k12?

  • turg143

    I want to keep the living rosters to play most of the time, but occassionally, when I’m just playing with friends I would like to play with a full team (for example, I’m a Celtics fan and want Kevin Garnet to be on my team, but he is hurt and not on the roster) is there any way to play an occassional exhibition match, even not online, with the actual roster where everyone is healthy?

  • Dark_LovexXx

    I use PS3 & every time I try to go online it says, “Starting a new game mode will lose any unsaved data. Continue?” & then I’m forced to make a new account. WHY IS THIS?! How do I fix this? I’m sick of this, I wanna play online!!!!!!

  • RichT

    Why is nba 2k9 the only 2k sports game on pc?
    is it possible for them to make MLB 2k9 on pc as well?

  • have faith

    I know NCAA 2009 from EA is coming out tomorrow. Will 2K sports be releasing NCAA 2K9?

  • Zanto

    I’ve heard rumors that they want to challenge EA’s Fight Night series with a boxing game of their own. I think 2K would probably do it better since their games seem to be much more realistic. Can anyone confirm that this rumor is true?

  • Balla

    i think there games are better then all the maddan’s.

  • morbiusdog

    I am trying to download the most up to date roster for NHL 2K7 on XBOX 360. For some reason, it’s telling me that it is unable to download and to try again later. I know that the 2K8 titles are out or are coming and I think that might have something to do with it.

  • xiM Clutch

    I played NBA Live 08 on the Wii last year and it sucked. It totally lacked in options such as create-a-player. Could you give me a description of the features from both games I mentioned above? I really don’t want to end up spending my money just for a crappy game.

  • Michael K

    I would love to have some but I’m sure its hard to find.

  • Phillip123

    is it just until 2k13 comes out?

  • gail C

    2k games for MLB arent that good and wondering if theres any MLB games coming out in the next year or 2 not being made by 2k sports… or if the SHOW goes to xbox.

  • mendhak

    I need to record my games on 2k11 for the games contest and idk how to record the games while playing

  • tjpimpin

    I am just curious if which sports gaming company do you like more? If so, please explain and give some of their titles that you like. Don’t just rely on one specific sport, I am asking for the overall titles that they have. Thanks!

  • Benihana

    Like lets face it EA sports ha sh*t the bed last few years and 2K has just gotten Better

  • kiltakblog

    im doing my favorite company on 2k sports and i cannot find any facts about 2k sports can anyone tell me any interesting facts about 2k sports?

  • sakyue1993

    Like what EA has done with NHL 11 and so on. Thanks.

  • Johnky J

    I want the game to be more like the current stats of the NBA

  • Jose B

    is EA sports’ monopoly on football games going to end anytime soon?
    It seems like EA has just gotten lazy

  • Thomas Lopez

    I have NBA 2K10 for the xbox 360 and I have xbox live, I have NEVER been able to connect to the 2K server and its really starting to tick me off because I cant download rosters, players, etc. How do I fix this problem?

  • Mak Sultan

    I’m looking for the Demographic and psychographic info on the BRAND not the website of 2k sports, does anyone know where I can find this for free?

  • Alex

    I am a big fan of 2k sports college basketball games but i am worried there will never be another one

  • Malcolm Hudson

    i know about every baseball game coming until 2015 just to let yall know 2k’s baseball is not coming out anymore after 2012 sorry

  • Only Business

    My brother just got 2K Sports MLB 2K9 for his birthday and he can’t figure out how you bat!! Please can you help us! thanks so much.

  • Jeff

    The new version of NBA is almost out from 2k and I have heard nothing about the player being able to commit technical and flagrant fouls. Why the hell is this? I think it would make the game a lot more fun and definitely more authentic.

  • Sir fliesalot

    I just bought MLB Front Office Manager for xbox 360 but the rosters are not updated… Is there anyway I can update them to a more recent roster? Thanks

  • Con Orpe

    do i have to change the settings or something. I always want to hit home runs in this game everytime i bat. Where do i put my fingers on the joystick. Thanks for your imput.

  • Maggie

    I thought that once a company makes a contract, no other company can make video games besides the company that has the contract. e.g. EA Sports has a contract with NFL and 2K Sports have one with NBA. Neither company can make the competitors games, yet both companies make NHL. Why?

    I read something about lockout but not sure what that is. Can anyone help me out with legitimate links?


  • cardskid22

    is there any talk of a dlc or anything?

  • Jeffery Carlson

    its weird if they don’t because they have it in college basketball and major league baseball and the NBA

  • Jeffery Carlson

    I say have the games by state or region or something. It’ll be hard to have all the teams in the country on a disc. Would you buy it. lets say you could by the rosters separate like NCAA games. I think it would be pretty nice. Winning the state championship. Recruiting Middle Schoolers. What-not.
    And am i the only one sick of the dang Vick questions. Will he go to jail? Will he play in the NFL? Will he go to jail?

    And absurd answers like He should be thrown into a pit of hungy dogs and then hanged. What!? Thats the sickest thing i’ve ever heard!

  • jordenkotor

    Don’t get me wrong I absolutetly hate the series with a passion, but I need to play a baseball game, and so I was wondering, when will 2K games start talking about the detals of MLB 2K10?

  • Mark M

    Can anyone tell what the cheats are and where I can get them, or if your a generous person know what they are.

    Thankyou for answering.

  • Willie

    how did the show 07 come out, is there a loop hole that they found and if there is why dosen’t EA sports do the same because i think the MVP series is better in every way possible, 2k sports just sucks.

  • Mak Sultan

    Every year they forget to do this in each game and I have to edit his attributes to a 99 to make him more realistic.

  • Gundown64

    I think 2k makes more arcade type sports games and they are so unrealistic.EA on the other hand makes realistic sports games and they been it for awhile and they are so close to mastering it.

  • Oilers

    i just wanted to know cause im a madden fan but it seems like the madden creators step their game up when they have some competition.