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ASTRO announces A1 Pro Gaming Headset for Sega Genesis

ASTRO announces A1 Pro Gaming Headset for Sega Genesis

by Greg DeVriesApril 1, 2012

ASTRO is pleased to announced the A1 Pro Gaming Headset and Mixamp for the Sega Genesis. The headset features astounding 16-bit audio and 8KB of dedicated RAM, and is designed to be easy to use, and extremely comfortable, made of 100% plastic. It plug right into the Sega Genesis console. Add in the  6-channel stereo ASTRO Gaming Surround sound (AGS) for total audio immersion!

Other features include:

  • 16-Bit Audio Quality – Hear every detail, from ring pickups to digitized voices.
  • Stylish and Comfortable – Perfectly compliments your SEGA Genesis gaming console.  Unmatched comfort designed for extended gaming sessions.
  • Controls at Your Fingertips – Easily accessible controls allow quick balancing of game sounds and voice chat. Plugs in quickly and easily to your Genesis console.
  • Surround Sound – Incredible spatial effects utilizing ASTRO’s proprietary audio formula.
  • Noise Canceling Microphone – Communicate directly with other gamers using the A1’s sensitive mic.
  • Premium ASTRO Construction – Made of our real plastic that’s nice and shiny too.

The headset has already been in the hands of several reviewers, and they’re excited (to say the least). I’m getting ready to start digging through my boxes and looking for my Genesis, and RF adapter. I can’t wait to play Sonic 2 and Toejam and Earl with this awesome headset!

“Joe Montana football never sounded so real.  And being able to let my NBA Jam opponent know what I thought of his weak game over Xband is revolutionary.”

— Electronic Gaming Monthly, August 1995

“The gold standard of Genesis headsets.  The surround sound effects Sonic the Hedgehog will have you looking over your shoulder for Dr. Robotnik.”

— Next Generation, June 1995

“Holy shit it was like Alladin was right there in the room with us.  And with Mortal Kombat you can literally hear every bone breaking.”

— Gamefan, July 1995


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  • Opal Morrill

    do sega genesis nomad game titles perform on a sega genesis

  • Abbey Spencer

    I’ve had my Sega Genesis for about 12 years and it even now works but for some reason my controllers stopped working only when they were in the 1st controller port.Now they only operate in the 2nd controller port.Can a person remember to tell me how to repair this?

  • Patsy Herring

    I would like to know any individual in a managerial position’s encounter with home-based agents using cordless headsets. Does it negatively or positively impact productiveness and phone quality? Had Been the agents happier and more effective with cordless or have been they performing points like washing the dog and chewing with their mouth full although on a call…..?

  • Serena Frieden

    Hey guys, well i just purchased all around 9 sega genesis techniques for 87 dollars. Two of the second generations come with plug ins essential to play. The relaxation are just the systems. I also have 3 of the original sega controllers with me. Generally I have 3 of the first generation, 5 of the second and 1 3rd era system. So fundamentally I want to know what a good cost would be to offer these techniques at with only 2 of them acquiring all the cables necessary to play. Also did I pay a excellent cost for these systems?

  • Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag

    I cant get any sega genesis emulators working for my mac. I have a macbook pro with the intel processor, can anyone help me?

  • Peter

    Well im wanting to sell these games, and im wondering what they may be worth. By the way these are just game cartridges no box included,and no actual sega genesis console. :Teenage mutant ninja turtles tournament fighters, jurassic park, the lost vikings, sonic spinball, college slam, sub terrania, nickelodeon ahh real monsters, street fighter 2 special champion edition, william’s arcades greatest hits. Also a controller. The games are in good condition and have been in safe storage over the years.

  • ScRSC

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    hahaha thanks everyone! um……….oh yeah when i say jokes i mean pranks! LOL

  • Shay H

    I write a how-to column for my school newspaper and every year we have an April Fools issue where we write false stories to try and trick students into believing them.

    What do you think would be a good fake how-to column, that’s still believable?

  • Jermaine J

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