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Resident Evil 6 News Extravaganza

Resident Evil 6 News Extravaganza

by Baron W.April 10, 2012

In what has to be the equivalent of a megaton bomb, Capcom has released a flurry of screenshots and videos of Resident Evil 6. They’ve also released some key gameplay details about this upcoming Resident Evil. I know some of you may not want to know what characters are in the game, so I placed them within a spoiler box. As for gameplay elements, that is located below the spoiler box.

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Resident Evil 6 features three unique interwoven stories, each with their own pair of protagonist for either online co-op or offline. We can only hope that the A.I for these characters this time around is more intelligent than Sheva was in Resident Evil 5. Lord knows she was scatter brained when it came to what was going on around her.

Furthermore, Leon is paired with US government agent Helena Harper.

Chris Redfield will be accompanied by BSAA member Piers Nivans.

The mysterious guy that we’ve all seen in the trailers recently is named Jake Muller A.K.A the son of Albert Wesker. Jake will be joined by Sherry Birkin, who if you remember is the daughter of the Umbrella scientists William and Annette. Sherry went missing in Resident Evil series a while back, and looks to make her return in Resident Evil 6.


In Resident Evil 6 there’s a new strain of the C-virus running around changing everyone and everything into some form of monster. But what’s really awesome is, their bringing zombies back! Not the lumbering oafs that we’re used to though, we’re talking 28 Days Later zombies that can run and jump, and even use weapons. I know, I know, no zombies in 28 Days Later used weapons, but I bet they could have, if they the right kind of motivation.

And as an added bonus, some of the creatures have the ability to enter a chrysalis stage like a butterfly and evolve into something more powerful. We catch a glimpse of it in the trailer, but you can’t really make out what it is.  This Resident Evil is going to be pushing everything to the max and I cannot wait for its release this coming October. Check out the stuff below!


Resident Evil 6 Capcom Captivate

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  • Noemi Madero

    Does anyone know if capcom will come out with yet another megaman maverick hunter x for the psp. It would be awsome to see them remake X2. Any info?

  • Amy Lemaster

    Does anybody know if capcom will arrive out with one more megaman maverick hunter x for the psp. It would be awsome to see them remake X2. Any info?

  • Elinor Sturgell

    I want to acquire Resident Evil for the PS1 but I also see you will find a Director’s Lower edition of the game.

    What are the variations and which edition of the two ought to I buy?

  • Marcie Thach

    I have purchased resident evil 4 and I love the third particular person shooter in the game..I heard not all resident evil video games are 3rd particular person but some are rail shooters. What resident evil video games are third individual shooters?

  • Marcie Carew

    I assumed since it was Resident Evil day, they may bring up information on Resident Evil 6, or the motion picture or something?

  • Kathleen Frias

    I have purchased resident evil 4 and I enjoy the third individual shooter in the game..I heard not all resident evil games are 3rd man or woman but some are rail shooters. What resident evil games are third individual shooters?

  • Stella Sotelo


    I just beat Resident Evil Code: Veronica for the Sega Dreamcast. I would like to commence Resident Evil 5, but ahead of I do, I would like to know the chronological purchase of Resident Evil games. If you could provide me with a listing THAT WOULD BE FANTASTIC!

    • Anonymous

      Code Veronica

  • Alina Elliott

    I want to buy Resident Evil for the PS1 but I also see there’s a Director’s Cut version of the game.

    What are the differences and which version of the two should I buy?

  • uberfailz

    I want to buy Resident Evil for the PS1 but I also see there’s a Director’s Cut version of the game.

    What are the differences and which version of the two should I buy?

  • Milk84

    I have an xbox 360 with the normal edition resident evil 5 and I want the secret modes with Jill and Josh please. Thanks in advance!! :)

  • Motordom

    I thought since it was Resident Evil day, they might bring up news on Resident Evil 6, or the movie or something?

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