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Fanatical Five: Top 5 Ugliest Video Game Bosses of All-Time

When creating a video game, character design is very important. It’s what separates Solid Snake from the Earth Defense Force chumps. Sometimes, however, a character isn’t intended to make the player freeze in awe; sometimes, it’s to make us cringe. Whether it be out of fear, out of disgust, or out of agony, they usually have one thing in common: they are pretty ugly. These are our picks for the top 5 ugliest bosses of all time.


Mr. Big (NARC)

Mr. Big (NARC)


NARC, the quarter-munching arcade game from 1988, is a very simple game. As a NARC, you show by example that dealing, using, or even thinking about drugs astronomically raises your chances of becoming a blood splatter. It also effectively demonstrates that you can’t be a fat cat drug dealer without a few Deus Ex upgrades. When you reach Mr. Big, you’re under the assumption that he’ll look like Kingpin with a mustache, and without Spider-Man punching him in the mouth. What you’re greeted with is the melted head of the villain from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? attached to a Roomba. His early attacks are just as frightening as that description may suggest: he fires lasers from his eyes, charges at you, and haunts you with his terrible smile.  After his skin explodes, his FREAKING SKULL lunges at you, spitting out tongues. If you can manage to destroy his second and final form, a few cockroaches climb out, suggesting that either he was so despicably, disgustingly ugly that roaches were born from his skull, or he was a villain from The Powerpuff Girls.


Nemesis (Resident Evil 3: Nemesis)

Resident Evil fans will recognize this face as the main adversary of Resident Evil 3. Others may have trouble finding his face. Sure, he has a mouth, and maybe that counts for an eye, but this guy needs more than a little blush to be presentable. A fresh layer of skin wouldn’t be a bad place to start. Perhaps those tubes (or are they intestines?) could be taken off of his neck. Next, we can fill in that other eye, give him some lips, and find a place willing to fit tuxedos for Bio-Weapons. Forget it, just give him a bath and he might look less like almost everyone from The Mummy by the end. Brendan Frasier isn’t setting the bar too high, is it?


Andross (Star Fox 64)

Andross (Star Fox 64)


I mean it in the nicest possible way when I say that Andross is a giant, disgusting Space Monkey Head. He’s also responsible for pretty much anything bad that ever happens, including the death of Fox McCloud’s dad. That’s why he was exiled, and maybe why he smells so bad (presumably). He’s also got an appetite for spaceships; several times throughout the battle, Andross will attempt to eat you. If you manage to destroy him, he takes inspiration from Mr. Big and transforms into a Terminator Giant Space Monkey. As awesome as that sounds, it’s pretty terrifying the first time you face (no pun intended) him. If you manage to take the hard route through the game, he turns into a giant brain. By the way, Fox refers to Brain Andross as his “true form,” which implies that Andross belongs to a race of gigantic floating brains. The reproductive cycle of the Space Brain is truly a confusing and hilarious miracle of nature.


Clotho (God of War 2)

This one almost didn’t make the list, and for one reason: Clotho is pretty much a giant breast. A sickly green breast with tentacles and more breasts. She’s also bald and has, let’s say, a “heavy step.” But her battle is a really cool multi-part fight that ends with her head impaled on a giant blade. Clotho is one of the sisters of time, and the final sister you mutilate in God of War 2. Still, when you look like a gangrenous John Goodman, a swarm of shrimp, and a dead tree all at the same time, you deserve a spot on the ugliest video game bosses of all time. But even the most grotesque creature Sony Santa Monica has ever created can’t compete with our number one.


Xeno (OverBlood 2)

OverBlood 2 is a pretty obscure game. It never released in the United States, sold less than 67,000 copies, and released at the end of the PlayStation’s lifecycle. Still, the franchise had found a cult following in recent years. They don’t quite fit under the moniker of “so bad it’s good,” so much as they do “so bad you can’t look away.” The final boss of the second (and currently final) game in the series is a doctor who is trying to create a master race of humans called overbloods. He injects himself with a virus, mutating himself into a creature capable of defeating you. By the way, I know what you’re thinking, and this game came out long before Resident Evil 5. The best way to describe Xeno (is that even his name?) is The Great Mighty Poo from Conker’s Bad Fur Day trying mimic Knuckles the Echidna. I can’t do justice to the amount of decent ideas poorly executed in OverBlood 2’s finale, so please watch the video below to get the full picture (pun intended).

So, there you have it. Five of the most gut-wrenchingly ugly video game bosses ever. Everyone has their own favorite, and there were several that could have made the list. Honorable mentions include: Pigsy (Manhunt), the Nihilanth (Half-Life), Barinade (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time), and Princess Mara (World of Warcraft). Did your favorites make the list? Did we get it right? Leave a comment below, and let us know who you would hate to meet in a dark alley. Or even in a brightly lit room.

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Charles Powers
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  • easton j

    I’ve been playing this game for about 2 years now and I love it. Im up to the last level where I have to defeat Andross but the thing is suddenly I feel sad because I really enjoyed this game and soon as I beat it there’s no point starting over because I already experienced everything and I know what’s going to happen. Im just 1 battle away from beating this game and I feel sad is this normal ? And Starfox fans is Starfox Assult worth getting ?

  • addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior

    fred flinstone with a club
    a leprechaun and a gnome working together using knifes
    leatherface with the traditional chainsaw
    mario with kleets
    al capone with a katana (no reason)
    your angry stepmother with a pan
    whinnie the poo with full-clad armor and an arsenal of pots to throw
    shaka zulu with a spear
    napoleon with a rapier…. =P
    the lich king with a rune blade
    a ginger god
    a giant armed with…. idk maybe a miget
    gimmely the dwarf
    a teddy bear that no one expects to be alive
    a cougar / man cross breed
    armless, legless chuck norris
    the taco bell chihuahua on PCP
    an army of fire ants
    zombie biggie with a shank
    zombie tupac with a shank
    solid snake (hes from a video game. dont think wrong)
    a killer clown with a led pipe
    KoRn with all their musical instruments
    THE TERMINATOR without weapons
    rocky balboa with brass knuckles
    william wallace with a claymore
    brian boru with a warhammer and a cross
    a man who randomly spawns exploding sandwitches
    bob the mintour
    joe mama with a rock
    kai lan and rintu
    dora and boots
    a deranged lunatic who thinks hes a dragon
    uubie the man bike
    kool aid guy
    butcher your face barbie
    a giant baby monster
    indiana jones with his whip
    darth vader with a normal sword
    baby megatron
    the hobo from down the road in his prime years

    now all of these people will be thrown together in a colliseumn typed arena, and you are in the audience watching. who are you gonna put your money on? (the person who you guys pick the most wins :B)
    lets add:

    the duck king
    zombie abe lincholin

  • Matthew S

    i say:
    Krystal, Bowser Jr., Shadow, King K. Rool, and the sandbag(who needs to be upgraded to playable), maybe even Andross or Marcus McCloud(son of krystal and fox)
    i forgot about geno!

    maybe mallow…?

  • kiltakblog

    i need some hints and cheats and stuff…..i already know how to get to the alternate boss on the 1st level and i kow how to get to andross and i know how how to get to Katina from Meteo by flying through the blue rings. i need other cheats and codes.

    dont suggest supercheats or gamefaqs. those guys suk also.

  • D3ZZY

    you know after the ending of the game.

  • vanvark83

    2) FALCO
    3) SLIPPY
    4) PEPPY
    5) BILL
    8) ANDROSS
    9) LEON
    10) PIGMA
    11) ANDREW
    12) KATT

  • Hotshot t

    If i could make a game i would make a version of Super Smash Bros. Brawl but…. it would be Villains Edition.. (well incluiding some heroes).. they need to put more villains than heroes =)

    Villains I would add:
    K. Rool
    Bowser JR
    and much more =)

  • davemc74656

    There is this video on YouTube called obey the walrus. It starts of with andross from star fox singing. Then to some creepy skinny white person tap dancing. I’ve seen this like twenty times and it’s very disturbing but I find it funny. Is that a real person?

  • SteveO

    I got from Corneria to ndross’s lair on the hard (red line) side on the Lylat system, but I can’t defeat Andross, or that brain, and I’m stuck! Help!!
    This is the original- Starfox64 , released in ’97

  • zaclo

    I was pissed.Stupid Andross

  • Lachlan

    A 50yr old male with occassional dysfunction gets a couple of 17 yr old girlfriends and in his eagerness to impress tries viagra and andross . Result was improved performance with frequent sexual activity lasting 1 to 4 hours and only a 20 to 30 minute gap between erections. Weight loss of approximately 9 kilos over a 3 month period allowed blood sugar levels to remain normal without the use of metformin(500mg x 2 daily previously) even after consumption of coke and candy/chocolate. BP reduced to 130/90 from 150/120 and hair loss halted with minor new hair growth. So…was it the weight loss, the increased metabolic rate induced by the regular exercise that allowed for the removal of medication or is he deluded and the problems will return????

  • Matthew David

    i’m almost done with the game and now i need help with andross. the last boss. how can i hurt or kill him at the part where faldo comes in and helps?

  • homerliveshere

    After beating Andross, how do you save the game without having to go through all the credits? Thanks!!!

  • JackReynolds

    James gets captured/killed by Andross and is never seen. But when you complete Venom 2 on Star Fox 64 he appears to help Fox McCloud. What if Andross captred him inside bio brain thing and james escaped when he (Andross) blew up. BUT why doesnt james go with his son? Why does he leave? I’m looking for reasoning of his “death” maybe you could logically reason what all this means for me not make up theories please.

  • Brian

    I was playing the game Star Fox Adventures, defeated Andross with the newly attatched Krazoa face on the back of his head and now I’m wondering, can you still walk the land of Dinosaur Planet like before? I think that if you can’t then what’s the point of beating it? I remember in the Gamboy/Advance/DS Pokemon games you could still do sidequests or walk around after having had beaten the Elite Four. I just wanted to walk around, max out my flying skills, and max out the items I have.

  • Dr Hank

    If you have Starfox 64, this is for you, so read on. One day I was playing Starfox 64 and when I got to Venom, I noticed that it didn’t look the same. When I landed, I was right next to the tube that Fox flies in to fight Andross! After flying around for a few seconds, Star Wolf came, but they looked different and had better ships. They are hard, and it took me a few tries to beat them. The only thing I would suggest is that you somersault often and then follow them and try to shoot them down. After you beat them, Fox will go in the tube alone. The path forks, but KEEP GOING LEFT!!!!! You’ll get lost if you don’t. Just beat Andross’ face and hands like normal, but instead of turning into a robot he leaves his eyes and brain for you to fight. Beat the eyes first, and then go and start shooting the big blob on the back of the brain. He will follow you a lot, but somersault only if he is RIGHT behind you, or else you will get caught in his tentacles. After he blows up, you have to get out of the building. I won’t spoil it for you, but a special person comes and guides you out. He is fast, so use boosts often. Try not to lose him, or 99% chances are you will go the wrong way. After you get out, the end credits go the same way, but watch at the end of the credits and you will notice that a shadow of Andross does not come up and laugh, and it says THE END. This is the path I took in the planets:
    Corneria-Mission Accomplished (Save Falco and fly through all arches)
    Sector Y-Mission Accomplished (Beat 100 bad guys including the boss)
    Change course to Katina
    Katina-Mission Accomplished (Defeat mothership)
    Change course to Sector X
    Sector X- Mission Accomplished (Where the path forks turn left and shoot at the square blue things until they turn red and open. This will warp you to Sector Z)
    Warp to Sector Z
    Sector Z-Mission Accomplished (Destroy all six missiles before they hit Great Fox)
    Place after Sector Z(It is a circle with a spike going through it)-Mission Accomplished (Defeat the weapon a end of level)
    Go to Venom, and good luck!
    (People, I assure you that I did NOT hack.)

    And remember: DO A BARREL ROLL!!!!!!! -Peppy

  • Duke

    Despite that it’s fantasy, I could go to infinaty and beyond! (As Buzz Lightyear would say in Toy Story), but if Planet Corneria in Star Fox the Nintendo game were a real planet, would six billion Cornerian bulldogs (Like Bill in Katina from Star Fox 64), that have 4 races of dog like here on Earth African American, Mongoloid, Caucasian and the other one, and would it have structures both destroyed and built like here on Earth? Would Cornerians live like (bulldogs) like humans and go to School, break away from that nest of their parent’s, go to school, have other dogs that they like and dislike but hey it’s life, go to boarding school, argue with teachers college and graduate school and work, get killed in accidents, defend for themselves, drive down roads and highways, go to church, have religions, go on vacations, study, play sports and everything we do here on Earth? Doctor Andross was said to be born and raised on Corneria in Star Fox. Would Corneria if it were real be God’s other Earth? Would Planet Corneria in Star Fox have everything we have if it were a real planet?

  • Jon P

    So lately I’ve been flying around in my Arwing trying to stop the evil Andross from taking over the Cornelia System, and one of the most experienced members in my team, Peppy, keeps telling me to do a barrel roll. He says I have to tap Z or R twice quickly, but I’m not sure what he’s talking about on the count of there are no such buttons on the controls of my Arwing. I want to live up to the expectations of my late father James McCloud, but It’s very difficult to do when one doesn’t know how to do a basic trick like a barrel roll. Does anyone know how to do a barrel roll properly?

    Also, Slippy pissed me off so I “accidentally” missed the enemies chasing him. Am I bad person?

  • easton j

    I’ve noticed a similar theme used in Nintendo bosses in many of their games. Some bosses have a single head with their hands floating next to them, sometimes the hands have eyes or something else on them. Some examples:

    Bongo Bongo – Zelda:Ocarina of Time
    Eyerock – Super Mario 64
    Andross – Starfox 64
    Ghodan – Zelda:Windwaker

    Do they use this idea purposely, and if so, does anyone know where their inspiration comes from?

  • Taylor2k

    is this translated correctly?
    Yo era asustar de cerebro y ojos de Andross en un videojuego,pero tenaba videojuegos mucho.

    It should read: I was afraid of the brain and eye of Andross in a videogame, but I liked them very much.

  • stingerms

    I just read an article that Namco, producer of Pac-Man and Tails, is gonna develop the new game. Nintendo is very busy making and developing other games they don’t have many time to work on it. What are your thoughts about it and predictions of Newcomers in this game.

    Another article I read, Pacman is gonna fight. 😀

    My prediction,

    King K. Rool
    Baby Bowser
    Young Link, Majoras Mask

    Boss fights,
    Blue Ghost, all four
    King Boo
    The Koopalings, all 7
    Metal Gear
    Majoras Mask

    Leave your comments, bellow. Thanks

  • vanvark83

    No one will stand for the Ice Towers invasion ecxept me and Aleroth Sarenford can someone pleas go on the dragon age wiki chat and tell andross the great tunselous needs his help

  • Myles

    I know it is common practice to reduce or dismiss charges if you give the court something they want such as a major drug dealer….meth lab….murderer ect…..What if I rolled on a business or two in the collection industry who are violating federal laws and consumer rights? I only have a couple misdemeanors pending that werent that severe. Is there a chance that they may accept info for a dismissal. Plus how does that usually work?

  • borabora5524

    I need REAL information, or a website thanks!

    10 points are up from grab

  • DuckieM10

    on the credits of starfox assault, on the cast, it shows andross (played by someone). was this a mistake or have i not completely finished the game?

  • mal_functiongeo

    Considering what occurs after the tunnel scene..

  • Matt

    What will he do? I have gone through physical therapy also