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Madden Cover Vote Is Now Down To Two Players

Madden Cover Vote Is Now Down To Two Players

by Chris CalasahanApril 18, 2012

The Madden cover vote has now been reduced from 64 players to it’s final two players.   The finalists are Detroit Lion’s Wide Receiver “Megatron” Calvin Johnson, considered by many to be the best wide receiver in all of football, and last year’s rookie sensation, Carolina Panther’s QB Cam Newton.

They beat out Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers and  San Francisco linebacker Patrick Willis in the final four voting.  Some people may be scared of the Madden Curse, but this is an opportunity for some great exposure for both players and their teams as Madden is the video game franchise catching the attention of millions of gamers year after year.

The vote is still open on ESPN fans still have a chance to get their voices heard on who they want on the cover for Madden 13.  The winner will be revealed on Sportsnation on April 25th at 5PM ET on ESPN 2.

Source: EA Sports

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Chris Calasahan
  • Anne Felton

    Peyton Hillis just won but who believes Vick in fact got the most votes? I feel Vick really won but EA new this hurt the income of the recreation if Vick, a convicted felon, was on the cover.

  • Stella Sotelo

    even even though its pointless simply because absolutely everyone will vote for michael vick.. i nevertheless wanna get my vote in.. does anyone know where to go to vote
    @ AshleyAwesome, im voting for whoever is representing the Tampa Bay Bucs.. most likley Josh Freeman

  • Marcie Carew

    Peyton Hillis just won but who believes Vick really obtained the most votes? I feel Vick really won but EA new this harm the sales of the recreation if Vick, a convicted felon, was on the cover.

  • Sonia Gourley

    It had to be at least 100,000 times. Are you kidding me? Peyton Hillis? Really? The option really should have been James Harrison. James is the NFL’s Poster Child.

  • Wooooody

    I get:
    Calvin Johnson
    Hakeem Nicks

    I give:
    Brandon Marshall
    Percy Harvins

    My other WRs: DJax, Hester, Anthony Gonz (returns for indi next week)

    I have the WR core to fill in for Megatron. He won’t play this week, and gets a bye week on week 7. Two weeks of RnR should be enough time for him to get healthy. He has a somewhat easy schedule too.

  • Nathan B

    I know I know Jerry Rice has all these records blah blah blah, talent wise he is not better than Calvin Johnson. The way the dude catches the ball over three defenders on a consistent basis. Defenses geared towards stoping just him. Come on.

  • Shay H

    Evans is playing against a weak San Diego secondary Edwards spreads the ball around. Johnson is the man but Orlovsky is his QB and that worries me.

  • therundown2k3

    In either a Knicks Uniform or a Lakers one i’m being serious vote

  • Scott W

    I personally would be surprised if he could match Jerry Rice’s rookie year of about 900 yards and 5 TDs. The converted DB Furrey caught about 100 passes last year and Roy Williams is a top 20 WR.

    What exactly are you expecting Calvin Johnson to do that you take him so early in the draft?
    I’d personally rather go with a high upside #1 WR such as Mark Clayton or Braylon Edwards in the 8th round and spend the 6th rounder on something other than a WR (if there’s a good RB left, I’d probably go that route or I might go for one of the top tier QBs if they are left or for one of the top TEs).

  • llb443

    If Obama did the movie kind of like a campaign thing, and assuming the movie turns out okay, would that make you excited about him like the enthusiasm of 2008?

  • Rishi

    Yeah I cant find the results. Who won?

  • Andres C

    I am a die hard Buccaneers fan and I really want Calvin Johnson on the Bucs.

  • Jeff

    I have Laveranues Coles and Donald Driver as my 1 and 2 WR’s, so who should be my 3rd this week, Calvin Johnson (playing Chicago) or Muhsin Muhammad (playing Detroit)?

    Chicago’s defense seems to be getting better, so I’m leaning towards Moose. I’m just concerned that the numbers he’s put up in the last few weeks are too good to be true, and we’ll see more Berrian this week.

  • Cole

    ea is letting us vote on who we want to be on the cover and the cantidates are
    Drew Brees
    Jared Allen
    Reggie Wayne
    i voted for jared allen FTW!

  • shahrukh

    And of course, why that one? I’ll tell you mine, which is the definitive one, later. LOL.
    Well, I was going to say Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, but you all got me thinking. Maybe it wasn’t so definitive, after all……

  • Jonny

    And why you like that cover most? :-)

  • turg143

    Imagine him with a decent offensive line, a decent Qb, and not getting double and triple covered on every play.

    I think that Calvin Johnson should’ve been a starter in the probowl not an alternate

  • supernerd567

    This is/was a FOX NEWS Poll today, 09/14/2001
    1) Yes, communities are in dire circumstances and need help

    2) Only if the areas getting the money take it as a loan

    3) No, the U.S. can’t afford it

  • Dr Dorian

    Calvin Johnson is very underrated and hes so tall and he can make any catch thats thrown to him, hes really tall and has a high verticle, will he end up being one of the best recievers in the NFL and why?

  • Disrae

    for everyone who is voting are you guys voting for a player u want to get the madden curse or voting for your favorite player?
    -im stuck between voting for aaron rodgers(to get the madden curse) and adrian peterson(my favorite player).

    -even though i think the final is going to be between vick and rodgers in the final round.

    p.s.- for people that dont believe brees was cursed…he had a career high 22 int for the year and a nonstop lingering knee injury(which he played on)…plus he lost to a 7-9 losing seahawks team in the first round of the playoffs.

  • rashest_hippo

    even though its pointless because everyone will vote for michael vick.. i still wanna get my vote in.. does anybody know where to go to vote
    @ AshleyAwesome, im voting for whoever is representing the Tampa Bay Bucs.. most likley Josh Freeman