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New Maps Hit Call of Duty Elite Members for Xbox Live Today

New Maps Hit Call of Duty Elite Members for Xbox Live Today

by Luis MendezApril 10, 2012

Two new maps have dropped for Call of Duty Elite premium members who play on Xbox Live today. The maps are called Sanctuary and Foundation.

Sanctuary takes place in the area of a church or a Mission structure. From what I’ve seen, it looks like a fair mixture of the maps Piazza, Village, and Resistance.

From the image above, my initial impression was that the map would mainly take place indoors, but it’s got a nice large outdoor area as well. There are plenty of smaller buildings throughout the level with multiple floors and long hallways. Probably going to be best to use assault rifles if you’re playing indoors. And sub machine guns if you’re going to run around the outside. Not much for snipers who like to play from long range though. If you like to “quickscope” then you should have no issues.

The other map released today is called Foundation.


It looks like it takes place inside a construction/industrial area. It’s a mixture of the Black Ops DLC map Hangar 18 and the Modern Warfare 3 map Carbon. It’s made up of a few tall structures/towers and a large open area in the center where most of the firefight will take place. If you’re keen to sniping you might want to stick to the outsides of the map and snipe across the map.

There wasn’t the usual advertising or hype for this “surprise” content that there has been for most of the other recent DLC released. They’re probably focusing most of their advertising for the other DLC coming out on the 20th of this month, the Call of Duty Collection.

The Call of Duty Collection will feature the maps Piazza, Overwatch, Black Box, Black Ice, Negotiator, and Liberation.

Check back into The Game Fanatics for more information on the largest Call of Duty DLC pack in the video game’s history and more Call of Duty news.


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  • Elinor Sturgell

    So i obtained a new xbox and i did the license transfer to let me to download all of my DLC on my new xbox. But my previous a single works, so if my new one breaks somehow, do i nonetheless have the DLC on the outdated xbox? Or do i have to do a thing unique to get it again on that xbox? Are there any other stipulations?

  • Patty Guest

    I know you need the DLC costumes to preform specific fatalities. Can someone tell me how to unlock them, I currently know Gamestop gave some variety of code out. Is there any other way to unlock these? Am i really likely to feel the makers of the video game are only going to permit a Really pick couple of who preordered the sport to use those fatalities? Also you dont get all the codes by preordering at one place? This is extremely fustrating any data will be appreciated.

  • Lola Lockwood

    I am preparing on performing Recreation Battlesand i know i need to have callouts, but i never know all maps.
    Can someone make a listing of maps that i need to have to know for GB or is it all of them?

  • Patsy Herring

    Like all the dlc that is by now And declared to come out in the future.

  • Christy

    I Am just wondering if it becomes an unrestricted availability to obtain any purchased DLC from the PSN, or if there is truly a limit. I know about the ability to obtain the DLC to five PS3s, but that’s not what I’m anxious about. If it allows define your answer, I’ve only downloaded all of my DLC to one particular PS3, and program to only DL it to one particular PS3.

  • Louisa Ellman

    I’ve quite much done every thing and created numerous characters, and I’m starting to get bored. When do you feel is the earliest they will release the dlc now that the development pack and patch 1.4 is out?

  • Lorrie Lauro

    I want to put this sport code dlc for another xbox. If I, say, deleted it; could I redeem the code again on yet another xbox or no.

  • Melanie

    Like all the dlc that is already out and announced to come out.

  • Miguel M

    I just bought the Ghost Recon Future Soldier DLC ‘Arctic Strike’ from Gamestop. The DLC is released on XBL on July 3rd, but the receipt and power up rewards website say I won’t have the code until the 10th. Will that date change to when it is released or will I have to wait 7 days for the DLC I just purchased a week early?

  • Jason M

    I really hope they are or have. IS their any DLC for ANY assassins creed that gives us the peice of eden or anyway i can use it in single player?

  • timq3dimensionscom

    I love mass effect every game and i noticed that i couldn’t buy the firewalker dlc in the xbox 360 market place, so i was wondering if i bought cerberus network it will give me the firewalker dlc.

  • encyclopath

    It’s under my list of dlc and i’m walking around but i’m not getting any pop up or radio signal. Do i have to go somewhere or do something first?

  • SteveO

    I want to absolutly destroy it any ideas? No offence call duty fans

  • Johnky J

    Now before anyone says play it in french it’s fine the french DLC doesn’t work with the English copy of black ops. I want to know if there’s any free way of getting the English dlc or do i have to buy the English version too?

  • mal_functiongeo

    After downloading the DLC, I am unable to access the content as I have no access to the Animus (the last save file is right before Desmond is supposed to pick up the apple). Is there no way to access the content without starting entirely over from scratch? Pushing the map button brings up the same menu as pausing the game.

  • Willie

    I got black ops a couple months ago and it played ok on no shadows and lowest resolution, but there was still alot of lag. The laptop i was playing it on crashed a couple days ago and it had a crapy graphics card. Which graphics card can run black ops really good that is kinda cheap.
    What laptops have the graphics card you will suggest?

  • Victoria T

    I saw a quick ad before a video on youtube for black ops and i wanted to know the song?

  • opurt

    It would be cool to say that you played in the first ever black ops match.

  • Scott W

    So thats basically it. Cuz i wonna now if i’m gonna be really good at black ops or MW3 will i be able to earn real money from it.

  • Joe M

    My black ops is freezing whenever I try to play a multiplayer game on the 360. It will give me a black screen with the blops symbol in the bottom right and then it searches for a game but never finds one. This happens when my nat type is strict and open. My game is also installed so its not the disc. Any help?