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Microsoft's Next Xbox is Rumored to Require an Internet Connection

Microsoft's Next Xbox is Rumored to Require an Internet Connection

by Jason ChestnutApril 3, 2012

The rumor mill is churning non-stop concerning the next big consoles from both Microsoft and Sony. The latest round of speculation concerns the Xbox 720 (Codnamed: “Durango”) and comes via an article on VG247 who’s source claims the new system will require a constant connection to the internet in order to play games. Undoubtedly this would be implemented to combat piracy…but it puts a huge dent in the used game market. In other words, you wouldn’t be able to sell or trade in your used games anymore because they would be tethered directly to only your console.

In addition, the new Xbox is supposedly including a Blu-Ray drive, two GPUs (AMD hardware reportedly like the new PlayStation codenamed: “Orbis”), and “four to six” cores in the system’s CPU, one exclusively for Kinect (the system will have a built in Kinect sensor) and one for the OS. It should be reiterated that this is all just speculation at this point, Microsoft has not officially announced anything and probably won’t until next year, as the system is tentatively scheduled for a holiday 2013 release.  Until then, expect the internet to keep pumping out more rumors and hype as the anticipation builds.

(Source: VG247)

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