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PAX East – Max Payne 3 the "Most Sophisticated and Cinematic Action Shooter"

PAX East – Max Payne 3 the "Most Sophisticated and Cinematic Action Shooter"

by Charles PowersApril 13, 2012
We’ve got a fanatical load of screenshots and trailers to prove it!

We had the chance to sit down with Rockstar to check out Max Payne 3 and what we saw left us craving more of Mr. Payne. Rockstar told us that they are aiming to make Max Payne 3 the “most sophisticated and cinematic action shooter” to date. With a focus on cinematography and improved mechanics, Max Payne 3 is setting itself apart from other games in the genre with its uniqueness. The guys at Rockstar spent a lot of work on Max Payne 3, down to the fact that each bullet is individually modeled and uniquely-animated.

[pullquote_right]With Max Payne 3, our goal is to create the most cinematic, sophisticated action shooter yet made. [/pullquote_right]The old graphic novel “cutscene” style that was in previous Max Payne games has now been evolved to a motion comic style, with animated panels that are randomly generated, giving a nice choreographed feel as you play through the game.

The actual story picks up where Max Payne 2 left off, with Max addicted to painkillers and alcohol in his attempt to cope with all that’s going on. He’s been hired to be the private security for a rich and famous Brazilian mogul, Rodrigo Branco. Branco’s trophy wife, Fabiana, is kidnapped by a gang called the Comando Sombra and Max is tasked with the challenge of finding her. This insane journey takes you around Sao Paulo, Brazil and New York (Coincidence? We think not!) and eventually you find out that you’re dealing with something much bigger than a “simple kidnapping”.

First Trailer

[pullquote_left]The bullet-cams of the original games have become ‘final-kill’ cams.[/pullquote_left] The gameplay has also been touched up and includes many new elements, such as a final kill cam mechanic which lets you know when you’ve cleared a room by slowing the cam as your bullet enters the final enemy. This kill can be savored as you control the speed of the camera, keeping time crawling as you pepper your opponent with bullets, watching the poor soul get ripped to shreds. Another new element is the Last Man Standing: If someone takes a fatal shot at Max, you have a limited window to kill that person and doing so allows Max to survive by automatically using a painkiller.

[pullquote_left]Bullet Time is fundamental to the Max Payne experience.[/pullquote_left] Now, bullet time is EPIC. On top of that, Rockstar integrated the Euphoria engine’s character behavior system to give Max more realistic movements. This is very noticeable when Max dodges or takes cover, as you’ll see him actively try to brace himself for impact.

It adds the nostalgic Max Payne that we know, and prettying it up with a sexy facelift, crazy kills, and very impressive gun play. Red Dead Redemption fans will also feel right at home with the weapon select wheel and the aiming reticule. With seamless loading times, the game offers a very fluid play through in the singleplayer mode.

Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer

[pullquote_left]How will bullet time work in multiplayer?[/pullquote_left]One thing we were curious about was how bullet time would work in a multiplayer environment, and here’s how it does. The multiplayer will incorporate all the single-player elements, including, yes, bullet time. The way bullet time will work is using a very interesting and very unique line of sight system. Without boring you with the intricacies, members of the opposing team will only be affected by your bullet time if they are looking at you. [pullquote_right]Bullet time in multiplayer is known as Bursts.[/pullquote_right]

Multiplayer in Max Payne 3 will feature 2 key modes: a story-based Gang Wars mode based on events within the world of the single player game. The mode has dynamically-changing objectives and generated a story in and of itself every time you play it. “The goal is to add a layer of narrative and meaning to multiplayer matches, and create extra drama out of the interactions that go on between players within each match.” The Payne Killer mode allows players to play as Max in the multiplayer, with his complete arsenal of moves and abilities.

Because it combines cooperative and competitive elements, Payne Killer creates unique partnerships and rivalries that are constantly changing from moment to moment. We hope that Payne Killer helps build unique relationships with players, and delivers unique incentives to work together in a decidedly non-traditional way.

Max Payne 3 is shaping up to be another solid release from Rockstar. With an immense attention to detail these guys are showing us what a AAA title looks and plays like. We had a blast checking out the game, and now you can check out the PC, console, and multiplayer screens:

Max Payne 3 is slated for release on May 15th on the console and May 29th on PC.


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Charles Powers
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    I just want to know why they changed his hairstyle. I mean breaking bad, duh!

  • Amie Wolken

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  • Amie Wolken

    I download the torrent max payne 2 and when i attempt to run it it states i have to insert a disc. is there anyway all around that…..if there is something i have to download, which folder do i set it in?

    • Sam

      @Amie Wolken

      Buying the game legitimately and not stealing it would be a way around it.

  • Dollie Mccrystal

    Never thought, they would make yet another Max Payne. I assumed he died in 2. Inform me what you know.

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    Is the devil a character in the approaching Max Payne movie? Who is the cloaked character?

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    As far as I know Max Payne fights drug sellers and mob bosses in the video game. Now he is some variety of archangel? What’s up with this massacred plot?

  • Roslyn Pasley

    I have a max payne 1,2 and i require max payne 3…so how to down load max payne 3 on net?

  • Harriett Legler

    I have questioned what type of painkiller max payne will take in the games. Like are they opiate centered kinds or just over the counter.

  • uberfailz

    i saw max payne last night and i dont even get it like were there really demons flying around or was it the drugs making them see that cuase remeber the guy got thrown out the window? like what i dont get it help?

  • unbleevable39

    I have wondered what type of painkiller max payne takes in the games. Like are they opiate based ones or just over the counter.

  • jordenkotor

    During the credits of the Max Payne movie, there is a song with no lyrics. Its the last one to play before the scene after the credits roll. Not one person has been able to identify it in any way. Its not Rock, its not Metal, its an orchestrated piece with a piano starting it off.
    I was able to find it under the Amazon link. Dark Heaven, that’s the name of it. Thanks a lot.

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    I was wondering if it would help to beat the campaign of Max Payne 3 before playing the multiplayer.

  • mike s

    I was playing San Andreas after playing Max Payne, and I got to the green goo mission. I’m thinking that the green goo could be an early prototype of Valkyr because of how The Truth said that once Carl steals it, they’ll know everything, and in Max Payne, the second time Max trips out on Valkyr, he finds out he’s in a video game and graphic novel. This is just a hypothesis I have though. Does anyone know what the green goo could be or if my theory is true?

  • Harry

    Well I know what the difference between a RPG and action is but isn’t action and shooter the same thing? If it wasn’t shooting in action it would be adventure, so WHAT IS GOING ON HERE???
    – Cheers! Labrat

  • Brody S

    During the credits of the Max Payne movie, there is a song with no lyrics. Its the last one to play before the scene after the credits roll. Not one person has been able to identify it in any way. Its not Rock, its not Metal, its an orchestrated piece with a piano starting it off.
    I was able to find it under the Amazon link. Dark Heaven, that’s the name of it. Thanks a lot.

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    I love the one at the beginning of chapter 7, in the bad part of pau soalo or whatever it’s called. I just cant figure out the name of it. He has 4 songs in this game, anyone know?

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