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Elder Scrolls Online Gets A Teaser Trailer, Details Leak

Elder Scrolls Online Gets A Teaser Trailer, Details Leak

by Jake ValentineMay 4, 2012

Yesterday we reported on how Elder Scrolls Online was finally announced by ZeniMax. Today, we’re here to report on the game’s first teaser trailer, as well as some leaked details and screenshots.

Let’s get straight to the details: those that are looking for a typical Elder Scrolls experienced will be severely disappointed. According to details on NeoGAF, developer ZeniMax Online‘s goal is “recreateing the freedom Elder Scrolls players expect within the World of Warcraft-style mechanics Zenimax Online is using.”

Sorry, but that’s a tad bit disappointing, especially since real time combat isn’t used due to latency issues; TERA, which features real time combat, runs perfectly fine.

Granted, the game started development back in 2007, so calling it a modern MMORPG would be a bit of a stretch, but the removal of werewolves, vampires, radiant AI, and real time combat seems to be a step backwards.

It’s not all doom and gloom, however. There’s some things ZeniMax Online is doing that are definitely intriguing. First, there’s the game’s emphasis on PVP, to where when your faction takes over a province (yes, you read that right, take over a province), the most accomplished PVPer will become emperor. In addition, you won’t be able to venture into provinces hostile to the ones you own. For example, if you take over Cyrodiil, you won’t gain entry into Kvatch. Furthermore, there seems to be less emphasis on a traditional end-game set up and more emphasis on the aftermath of the events that happen during the game. Specifically, “what happens when hundreds or thousands of prophesied heroes all think that they should be Emperor?” Also, in similar fashion to Star Wars The Old Republic, the game will be fully voice acted.

Perhaps the most interesting feature is the lack of an aggro system. Instead, enemies will attack in groups and attack according to you and your party’s actions.

It seems that ZeniMax Online is trying a different route with Elder Scrolls Online. Rather than push the envelope forward with the genre, they’re using traditional mechanics we’re accustomed to, reaching back to PVP type scenarios that made Dark Age of Camelot popular, and putting the emphasis on the role playing in MMORPG.

These details will probably temper the expectations some Skyrim fans had for the title, but the lovers of Morrowind will undoubtedly eat these details up.

Until we get our hands on with the title, or our hands on the latest issue of Game Informer, we still have the teaser trailer to enjoy, as well as some concept art that was leaked.

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  • Snake.Bite

    Always wondered if this game was any good…

  • upsetguy

    What shame, this looks…..bad. Really bad.

  • Cecilia Osburn

    In elder scrolls oblivion for ps3 when do you get to the shivering isles?

  • Elyn Patchman

    I genuinely like the elder scrolls games and I want to get details about Tamriel and such. Like how issues function and a some back again story. I’m also searching for details about Skyrim. I guess I imply I Am seeking for a hub of information on The Elder Scroll.

  • Elinor Tuten

    What elder scrolls video game really should i begin with? What sport is the start off of the series? For example, if you wished to get into the fallout game sequence you would start with fallout 3 not 1 or 2 because they have nothing to do with the primary story and are fairly bad in my opinion.
    Thanks, which is why i want to perform other elder scrolls games, to get prepared for skyrim.

  • Lorrie Lauro

    I want to know if the dreaming is or was ever reachable in any elder scrolls games. The dreaming cave is said to be the entrance to the realms of oblivion, and was used by the psijic order. Thank you for your help.

  • Miguel M

    Do you think when it comes out it may be the one mmo that could worry blizzard’s wow? Just hear me out, take the elder scrolls series, a huge single player rpg game that has killed so many hours of our life over the years cause of its addictiveness and enjoyability and now make it online and let you go all over Tamriel. I’m not saying it will be a wow killer but be one to really compete with wow. What is your guys take?

  • Bryan J

    Answer ONLY if you have played an Elder Scrolls game before (like me – I’ve played Arena, Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim). I was just wondering if you guys look forward to it. I certainly don’t.

  • Kaden

    I am just wanting to know a few things that Bethesda Game Studios has contributed to the video game industry. The contribution must have valid sources of information and I must have web pages to prove them. The contribution(s) can be anything that has to do with the industry.

  • Bryant B

    Is it mainly creating a story and scene whilst others create it?
    I would of thought you needed a degree but when I looked at the entry requirements on the bethesda website it didn’t say you needed a degree in anything.
    What sort of stuff would they look for if you were to apply for a job as a quest writer?

  • whites are not the only racists

    I am a pretty experienced biker and usually bike to DC from Bethesda in under 30 minutes. I have never biked to Mt. Vernon from my usual starting point of Bethesda. I want to take the Capital Crescent Trail to Georgetown, go into Virginia and take the Mt. Vernon Trail the rest of the way.

  • MentallyCryppled

    I know what some of you are going to say: go into the sound options and in the advanced tab change the sound to 24 bit but that did not work. I think I know the issue though. i got some mods for Skyrim and they might be the problem. So is there any way to fix Skyrim without deleting the mods?