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Transformers Prime Rolls Out Their Launch Trailer

Transformers Prime Rolls Out Their Launch Trailer

by Jennifer KibbleMay 10, 2012

Transformers Prime started out as a cartoon for The Hub back in November of 2010, however it wasn’t until February of 2011 that the series actually started. It his controlled by Hasbro and has slightly darker themes than your normal cartoon.

Said cartoon is based in Nevada with three humans: Jack, Miko, and Rafaelalong. They are joined by five Autobots: Optimus, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Bulkhead and Arcee. As far as the Decepticon’s side, you have the usual Starscream and Megatron, along with new characters like Breakdown and Skyquake, to name a few.

The show’s universe is the same as High Moon‘s Transformers: The War for Cybertron, which means Activision‘s new game based off of the show is set in the same universe as well.

Transformers: Prime will be launching exclusively for the Wii and 3DS by Now Production and for the Nintendo DS by Altron Corporation, later this year.

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  • Patty Guest

    at the finish of transformers 2 when shia practically does and the prime speaks to him i understand his voice from a xmas film i believe. i seemed on the web and couldnt locate any actors that are in equally movies. does anyone know who this is?

  • Serena Frieden

    I desired to buy spare weapons for my transformers prime robots in disguise figures since my optimus prime figures gun is not so very good so I desired a different one, I desired to know wherever I could get other weapons for this line. thanks.

  • Janet Somerville

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  • Harriett Legler

    There is a series called Transformers: Prime, and I love Arcee, she’z hot! But what is your favorite character from that series, and people please answer this!

  • Amie Wolken

    I have been hearing rumors about it coming out in December but so far nothing, i have seen video reviews for certain ones and plus only in certain states they have some of the Transformers Prime figures im just curious when they will be able to the rest of the U.S.

  • Harriett Legler

    I’m looking for the biggest and best Optimus Prime Transformers toy.


  • therundown2k3

    I wanted to buy spare weapons for my transformers prime robots in disguise figures because my optimus prime figures gun is not so good so I wanted a different one, I wanted to know where I could get other weapons for this line. thanks.

  • Sergeant Pickle

    I’m looking for the biggest and best Optimus Prime Transformers toy.


  • nmlpc

    I have the Transformers Prime Cartoon I would like to upload it onto my YouTube account, But I don’t know who to ask for permission to do so. I’ve researched this on Google and I have gotten multiple answers: Hasbro, Hub TV channel and who it is copyrighted too. Could Some please Clarify this for me. Preferably someone who has had similar or resolved issues like this before. Please and Thank you.

  • ibjammin44

    What did sam have to find in transformers revenge of the fallen to make optimus prime back a live

  • Dark_LovexXx

    According to Nintendo the new 3DS update featuring the long-awaited browser and eshop was released today. I, however, am having trouble updating. Whenever I try to update it says my 3DS is already up to date, and the settings just closes. I was wondering if any of you have had any success?
    Thanks Deepmike! It’s working now. I checked online and it said 10pm where I lived and it just turned 10. Lol I thought it would’ve worked anytime after noon since on the notifications they only said “June 6 evening”. Thanks anyways!

  • jdubdoubleu7704

    Exactly as it says, though WITHOUT using the gts. I wanna know if I can go into a pokemon centers basement, enter the doorway in the middle, and trade with other people that way over wifi if I’m using a 3ds and they are not.

  • RxP DarkBox

    I’m looking forward to buying the nintendo 3ds when it comes out especially because of the promotional sale (discount for trading in old ds) i was wondering is this sale only for the first day it comes out or for a few days… I do not want to have to go the very day it comes out… So, it’d be great if you let me know.

  • Jairo

    Animal crossing 3ds is coming out today and I LOVE animal crossing! But I live in a small town and we only have gamestop, walmart, shopko, and kmart. Would any of those stores have it since it comes out today? Please reply. I LOVE IT!

  • Jairo

    Is it legal to create content for a commercial game using Autodesk 3DS Max on a public computer, or do I have to buy the software or some sort of license?
    $3500 seems like a little too much, and I have acess to 3DS Max on a public computer.

  • DuckieM10

    I need to create a texture map for a model i created in 3ds max8.

  • mendhak

    If I’ve never used a DS will the backwards compatibility on the 3DS be satisfactory? I have heard and read that it doesn’t play regular DS games that well. Also for the 3DS or any DS model do I need to use the stylus or can I use my thumb or fingers? How strong is the touch screen?

  • Sergio

    I was just wondering because the dsi has a nintendo points card for it and the 3ds has a cash card. So how does the cash card work for the 3ds? What’s the difference?

  • Ev dog

    I just purchased a Nintendo 3ds while ago, and it came with a cradle charger. I can either charge it by plugging the charging cord into the cradle charger (with the 3ds inserted), or I can just plug the charging cord directly into the 3ds (like I always did with my old Nintendo DS or Gameboy SP). What is the difference between the two?

  • mavis24

    Can the pull and to folio fit a nintendo 3ds with a nyko battery pack? and if it can’t, do you know any other nintendo 3ds case that can fit a nintendo 3ds with a nyko battery pack. I don’t have a nintendo 3ds know but i am planing on getting one, and i was also planning on getting the nyko battery pack and the pull and go folio. but i need to know if it can fit in the pull and go folio.

  • Only Business

    How easy is it to use the 3DS if you hold the stylus in your left hand?
    Is it hard trying to use the stylus and the Circle Pad in one game?
    Is it hard trying to use the stylus and the Circle Pad in one game?