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Oh Dear, It's Santa Seaman

Oh Dear, It's Santa Seaman

by Jeff SmithJune 25, 2012

Seaman is a legend among lovers of bizarre games, but he hasn’t seen much action beyond his Dreamcast debut. This holiday, that might just change. Seaman creator Yoot Saito tweeted the above picture of Seaman decked out in a festive Santa hat and beard. The tweet also suggests that Saito is thinking about the end of the year. We don’t know if this is hinting at a supposed holiday release date for the new 3DS Seaman, but we can always hope.

Personally, I’d like to see more holiday-themed Seaman. Office attire Seaman for Father’s Day, Bunny-eared Seaman for Easter, Cupcake Seaman for your birthday- the options are nearly limitless. But like I said, we can only hope.

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Jeff Smith
  • ArchBlade

    Damn ! Never trust nothing but the best.

  • Joanne Mefford

    I have a 25 gallon aquarium with 8 tropical fish in it. I have only had the fish for 2 months. I am going away for 4 days tomorrow. I have a pack of holiday blocks and the package says the one will last for 5 days. Will the fish survive with only one holiday block for 4 days? Should I put 2 of them in just to be safe?

  • Christy

    I’m selling a nintendo gamecube and nintendo 64, how much should i expect to get for them?

  • Jeff

    How do you play nintendo DS games that you downloaded off the computer onto your Nintendo DS? What things do you need to buy for it and how exactly do you do it?
    It will still be able to save and the touch screen works too right?

  • jdfan

    On some videos (for example CalliMooreMusic videos) there is this weird little button in the bottom left corner on the video (right next to the video quality). It is sort of shaped like a soccer ball, and when you press it makes this weird sound. What is it?

  • jag43216

    As the Royal Wedding is a Public Holiday I would just like to know what is the difference between a Bank Holiday and a Public Holiday? Do I have to use one of my ‘Holiday’ days to get paid?

  • ttocs

    I really want a 3ds, but is there going to be a sale difference on black friday for a 3ds at best buy?

  • x_blind_x_gamer_x

    I want to know how i can upload pokemon battles from 3ds and how do i download something called pokedex 3d for 3ds.

  • morbiusdog

    So i’m using my SD card from my 3DS by using a SD Card ready. I see lot’s of directories but I don’t think there’s any pictures in it but i’ve took some.

    Can anyone tell me how to find them?
    I really need to know fast.


  • Ryan Dunn

    Exactly as it says, though WITHOUT using the gts. I wanna know if I can go into a pokemon centers basement, enter the doorway in the middle, and trade with other people that way over wifi if I’m using a 3ds and they are not.

  • white man

    I cant seem to change the color or assign a material. The colour change shows on the wireframe but not on the object itself which is currently displayed as grey. It is not frozen. Please help! I had used version 9 to create the object and imported it into 6 to edit it using .3ds format.

  • therundown2k3

    I am taking an animation course in school with 3DS max. I am using reactor physics and ragdolls in the animation, but, in the preview animation box there is only one box to select which frame to activate physics. I need to have the 3 ragdolls activate one at a time while the others are still being animated, but, so far, I can only get them to all “ragdoll” at the same time. Can anyone help me out here?

  • opurt

    I know the 3DS version has static background images and a slightly degraded graphic. But does it have all the moves, characters, voice taunts and dynamic fights? It’s maybe a minor thing, but I’d like to hear the fighters taunt each other. Thanks for every answer!