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E3 2012 | Pikmin 3 Is Well Worth The Wait

E3 2012 | Pikmin 3 Is Well Worth The Wait

by Jake ValentineJune 8, 2012

Has it really been eight years since Pikmin 2? Strange, because it feels longer; we went an entire console generation with no Pikmin 3, but Nintendo is ready to change that.

Set to debut as a launch title, Pikmin 3 won’t have players be re-acquainted with Captain Olimar. For unknown reasons, he’s currently missing in action, so instead we’ll be controlling four characters at once. Yes. Four.

Sadly, we didn’t get any hands on time controlling four people at once. Instead, we were given two different modes to try: Time Attack and Boss Battle. To allow us to get reacquainted with Pikmin, we started out with the Time Attack. Its premise is simple: you have seven minutes to get as much gold as possible. Gold is acquired by bringing back various objects back to your camp, such as dead bodies or fruit you find in the world. As you can tell, the essence of gameplay hasn’t been changed. If anything, it’s arguably enhanced by the ability to control using the Wii-mote, though it took some getting used to. Within seconds, though, I was comfortably aiming the controller to gather pikmin and throw them at my targets. I felt quite comfortable being back in the Pikmin world.

One of the new additions to the series that was playable was the rock pikmin, stronger allies who are able to demolish obstacles that stand in my way. They seem to be a reworked version of purple pikmin (no word on if purple or white will be making a return), useful when attempting to remove armored obstacles or enemies.

After the Time Attack, I began the boss battle mode, where I was told that the Wii U’s pad would come in handy. While they weren’t allowing us to get any hands on time with the pad, we did get to take advantage of one of it’s features: a constant area map. The boss we encountered had a couple tricks up his sleeve: armored plating, meaning we had to throw a constant barrage of rock pikmin to break it, as well as the ability to climb the area’s walls to safety occasionally, moving at breakneck speed. Thanks to the game pad’s map, we were able to be aware of our surroundings without having a cluttered HUD.

It was nice to get reacquainted with the Pikmin franchise and we’re eager to see how controlling for people simultaneously works. The title is scheduled to launch alongside the Wii U later this year, but were’ still not sure when that is, so we’ll be trying to wait patiently until then.

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Jake Valentine
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  • greenstameow

    Great news!

  • victor

    Actually, if you read the official Nintendo E3 website, it states all five pikmin are back, alongside the new rock pikmin. Something noteworthy to add onto this was a shot of a flying pink pikmin with what appeared to have large eyes, similar to a white pikmin’s, behind the Pikmin 3 logo during the trailer.

    • Jake Valentine


      The reps on the show floor and during my booth tour said the opposite.

  • Lorrie Lauro

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  • Ryan Dunn

    is there a such thing or is there going to be

    the dots are for me to have 10 letters

  • Myles

    Nintendo brought back the first Pikmin game for the wii.
    I thought that since they brought back the first Pikmin for the wii, why wont they make a Pikmin three for the wii?

    I looked on the internet, and I found nothing.

  • Roar me R

    I have tried this over and over and over and over, and I get to the part of the boss battle with Bellum where you have to draw an hourglass to stop time and i can’t get it to work! Its driving me nuts! I just need some pointers on how to get the game to recognize the drawing.

  • Mark

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  • Con Orpe

    I hope so!

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    Does it work that way or is it 1 event and it stops?

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  • skillz

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  • airdogspace2

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  • norrin_shadowwolf

    im so sick of nintendo misordering their priorities. ive been w8ting for pikmin 3 to come out since 2004 and since then like 5 mario parties and 50 super marios hve been released just wtf!!? pikmin was like my first game i ever played on gamecube way back in 2002 when i thought runescape was cool ( i just started playing that game again so i feel like such a loser.) it was my first taste of RTS and logical thinking i just dont understand why they havent kept milking it like they keep doing with mario and princess peach. its not like there is a huge market out there for 1inch high coloured blobs running around on a screen to compete with so what is the big problem>>>>>? can someone answer this plz im sick of this shit=/

  • Ryan Z

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