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E3 2012 | PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale Isn't Just A Smash Bros. Clone

E3 2012 | PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale Isn't Just A Smash Bros. Clone

by Jake ValentineJune 6, 2012

Okay, let’s get all of this out of the way: PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale looks a lot like Super Smash Bros. It does not, however, play like it.

When first officially announced, the comparisons were obvious: a 4 player fighting game starring Sony’s most famous cast of characters fighting it out on some pretty extreme arenas. But after playing it, the difference is pretty obvious.

Where as Smash Bros is more of a fast and frantic affair, All Stars is a bit slower and more strategic. There’s no constant attempts to knock people off the stage since that’s not how you’ll score kills. Instead, you’re going to be building up your special meter, which will then, as you can probably guess, allow you to perform a special attack. You are able to stack your meter and, at times, it is encouraged, as higher meters lead to better specials and more kills. Use it wisely though, as after your special attack is over, your meter is emptied.

Naturally, you’ll spend most of your game attacking willy nilly to help build the meter, but the attacks don’t really do much; enemies aren’t really damaged, per say, and the animations aren’t as clear and visible as Smash Bros. Characters themselves, while on paper are an excellent idea, don’t always execute properly. I know both characters are extremely large, but if Big Daddy is unable to jump up platforms with ease, an issue all upon itself, why is Fat Princess a mobile character in the right hands? Furthermore, why is she so damn strong? Character balance is currently an issue we’re hoping will get resolved before the game’s launch.

Still, it’s a nice that Sony’s doing something different than simply copying and pasting the Smash Bros. formula, but if it ain’t broke, why fix it? So yes, it’s not Super Smash Bros, but I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing just yet. We’ll see if everything can come together, as well as see what new surprises we have in store in terms of the game’s line up, which has not been fully announced just yet.

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Jake Valentine
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  • x_me3_x

    Interesting point of view.

  • Charles

    Jake I’m glad you cleared this up, that was my biggest doubt about the game.

  • Hotshot t

    i saw this video on youtube its on kootras channel of the creatures its called “kootra at e3 (day 1) and in there theres a song that plays in the background but i couldnt quite hear it and i cant find any other footage of after the press conference …… if you know the song or have any information please tell me ……..thank you

  • jdfan

    which games are you guys most excited to see them show in just a few days at E3?

  • Ryan Dunn

    You can count hundreds to thousands of stars in the sky at night just sitting outside; but if you think about it, wouldn’t the view of all those stars be blocked by the closest few stars? For example, picture yourself in a crowded area. Even though there might be a couple thousand people standing around you, your view is obstructed by the 10 or 20 people that are right up close to you, so you can’t see anyone else. Shouldn’t it be the same way with the universe?

  • timq3dimensionscom

    Due to the sh**y timing of my High School summer school classes, I’ve had NO time to watch E3. Where can I watch Day 1 and 2 and soon to be 3 of E3?

  • Stevalicious

    Give me the details.
    I was&am for
    -Last of us
    -Cod Black OPS
    -Halo 4
    -Far cry 3
    I cant think of the others titles at the moment.

  • LN13

    This game was supposed to come out years ago, but it hasn’t yet. Do you think the release date will be revealed?

  • Caltel T

    I checked and unfortunately my family doesn’t have G4. Are there any other channels I will be able to watch E3 coverage live? Thanks in advance!


    i am trying to get every character on super smash bros. brawl and i need to complete like 400 brawls, what is the fastest way to do it?

  • Adam

    Can someone please explain to me why Nintendo has kept their mouths shut regarding Animal Crossing 3DS at E3 2012 thus far? No US release date has been announced either! Are they planning on releasing this information later on at E3 2012 or what..?


    For me, it’s none other than GTA V… I’ve been waiting to hear from that baby since the first trailer. What about you guys?

  • alberto s

    I know some thing about what will be there, I just want to know if I can find all publicly known information on one site.

  • brincks26

    also what days is it on