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E3 2012 | Unreal Engine 4: Elemental Demo

E3 2012 | Unreal Engine 4: Elemental Demo

by Baron W.June 10, 2012

In what has to be a tech demo representation of the common phrase thrown around in Game of Thrones; ‘winter is coming’. Epic Games have released something that has everyone starting off cold but ends up making them hot.

Unlike the recent flurry of tech demos we’ve seen making their rounds after this year’s E3. Epic’s leaves me slightly unimpressed at all. I can see where they’ve improved upon the Unreal Engine 3 with better lightning and more particle effects, but it seems they missed the boat on actually capturing the people viewing the tech demo.

I still don’t believe they’ll have to worry about any licensing out of the Unreal Engine 4, but they seriously could’ve done a better job in showcasing it at the expo.


Unreal Engine 4 Elemental Demo

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Source: UnrealEngine

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  • tuth

    Thumbs up

  • rashest_hippo

    Some guy is selling me his K2 Parkstar Demo 2012 for a good price. I just want to know if is there any difference between the non-demo version and the demo version. Is the demo version still made of the same materials and with the same tech as the original version? Thanks.

  • veemodz

    i would like to know if you could download the program the guy was using in the playstation move demo

  • Ryan Z

    I doubt anyone knows of a set cost, but some friends and I are planning to go to E3 2007, and we need to plan ahead for a whole year because we are all retarded. Not really, but does anyone know?
    I doubt anyone knows of a set cost, but some friends and I are planning to go to E3 2007, and we need to plan ahead for a whole year because we are all retarded. Not really, but does anyone know?

    HOLY CRAP 600? wow.

  • Pacman

    Each conference at this year’s e3 has had a nice little opening montage to give us an idea of what’s in store, however I was a bit more interested in the song used in Ubisoft’s opening collage. Could anyone help me out?

  • happyha31

    I watched a video from the 90’s on YouTube showing extreme footage from E3 1995. In it I saw that it was not just games, but movies as well. There was a Pocahontas booth and the Batmobile from Batman Forever. Does the E3 still cater to movies?

  • Milk84

    I can get E3 tickets because my dad is a franchise of a play n trade gaming with no problem but I wasn’t sure how old u have to be to go. I’m 16 and I also work part time in the gaming shop.

  • xiM Clutch

    I just got the new khaki service uniform from the Navy. I need help with knowing how to wear the E3 rating badge on the collar of the shirt.

  • Jack Bauer

    My husband is out on a deployment and before he left he was moved up in rank. We still have not see that money for him being moved up and that was back in june. How much more should we be seeing from e3 to e4 in the navy? someone told me 200 dollars more is the correct?


    so i leave in less the 2 weeks to fort jackson, and i enlisted over a year ago and have been to my unit every month for drill since i enlisted so i know the pay is one difference between an E1 and a E3. i did 4 years of afjrotc to receive my rank. but is pay the only difference in basic. because my command sgt major had mentioned more rank more responsibility, so what exactly will i be doing different in basic from an E1?

  • Scott Bull

    My dad switched satellite companies, and sadly that means I can’t watch G4’s annual E3 coverage because I don’t have G4.

    So what is the best way to watch E3 2008? Is Spike TV doing something? Or is there some online sites?

    However because of my slow internet, video sites would be a pain, but still recommend them if you have any 😀

  • krow147

    I went into bootcamp as E2 and its been exactly 9 months since my first day so am i E3?

  • thinkthought

    The military pay chart says that a E3 makes around $1,900, but I have heard that their are many deductions and Marines end up having like $800. Is that true?

  • thexbox360player

    i want to know when i can watch E3 and what channel network it is on the television