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G-Spot Episode 53 | The Show Where We Hate Everything

G-Spot Episode 53 | The Show Where We Hate Everything

by Gspot PodcastJuly 11, 2012

“When is Yoshi in Zelda, like, running around licking things?”

The Game Fanatics GSpot Podcast is officially back from hiatus (that’s what we are going to call what happened)! In this episode Breezy hates on Sony and Square Enix, Ryan thinks that Monster Hunter could have saved the Vita launch, Ben attempts a ‘fun news based game,’ and Logan observes the madness.

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  • whitesoxfan2347

    I applied to square enix to be a beta tester for the new Final Fantasy XIV and i was just wondering if anyone who has already applied is able to tell me about how long it takes square enix to email you back with an answer. Thanks!

  • dealy

    I have done a lot of research on laptops for college, and I know a lot about HP and Dell. However, I would like to learn more about sony laptops because they seem farily nice. I need a 4gb RAM and about a 250gb hard drive.

  • johnkaiser 22

    I’m at crosswords with this decision if I should get Batman AC or DD. I know they’re both good games and both of them can justify their prices, that’s why it’s such a hard decision. DD with over 100+ hours of content and AC GOTY with a ton of things that make it worth way more than $50. Any suggestions?

  • Ramblin Spirit

    Or does it come with any new copy of the game? Because I’d rather wait a couple days to see the reviews on this game if possible.

  • Jason

    your allowed to store item in this game but i am afraid that ill run out of room in my storage spaced because i like to keep a lot of my items

  • johnkaiser 22

    I understand that game companies already have people that come up with game stories and ideas, so i don’t need anyone to explain that to me. I just want to know is it possible for me to publish my final fantasy game idea? but still i will give square enix credit for the game title final fantasy. I am using different characters, i design my own world, battles, monsters, everything. i don’t copy other people’s work, or try to take credit for someone’s work.

  • Matthew David

    Both look like great games and are about the same price

  • Matthew S

    Am doing the quest “Pride Before a Fall” in Dragon’s Dogma. it says to observe the duel but what happens if I decide to help Mercedes and kill Julien?

  • Samuro

    I have killed the Dragon and went straight back to Gran Soren where the Duke turned against me and I fell into the Everfall etc… Where is the main quest now?


    Money isn’t a problem

  • Samuro

    I am getting Dragon’s Dogma for my PS3 and may not have an internet connection. C an other players still “Rent Out” my pawn? If not, how do I obtain Rift Crystals so i can hire other Pawns to go adventuring with? Also, are all the randomly generated pawns I will get with no connection crappy, or are they still useful? THANKS.

  • nmlpc

    I heard/read that Dragon’s Dogma will have REsident Evil 6 demo and will be released on may but my question is is the demo on the game or for DLC cause i already got tricked by resident evil gold edition so help me plsssss