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Game Fanatics Show Episode 9

Game Fanatics Show Episode 9

by Charles PowersJuly 21, 2012

Happy Saturday to all! So yeah, the website was down for a few hours this week, and we apologize. We blame the Steam sale. Speaking of the steam sale, what did we buy?! We discuss that, and Comic Con news (Deadpool anyone?) as well as a very quick review of the HTC Evo 4G LTE.

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FanQuest (Fanatical Question)

Last week’s question, do you like your trailers to be fully cg or gameplay.
What is your favorite leverage heist.

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Game Fanatics Game Night this Saturday! (We’re playing Payday: The Heist).

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Charles Powers
Charles Powers
Charles is the Founder of The Game Fanatics and nonprofit, United We Game. A Full-Time Creative Director and Graphic Designer, he loves video games with a fanatical passion and uses TGF as his outlet for all things geek culture.
  • Sonny


  • andresumoza

    Is there any real power in the use of sacraments. Many Churches, such as Anglican, Roman Catholic, and Orthodox use these. Do they have any real powers beyond what we ascribe them to have? Or are they just idols?

  • brincks26

    Because “some” politicians are sure getting away with it!

  • slipknot0129

    I really don’t have any other option but go here for this, I can’t go to a real Catholic church to talk to a priest and I have submitted my confession to several websites, but nobody answers, and it’s not like I have written anything horrific, I am just trying to receive absolution! Please, help me, I am desperate!

  • toast

    Ive always been a big fan of the Hitman series and this new one looks really good. Anybody know a release date? Thanks.

  • Jairo

    Where you can choose the way you kill the target like in Blood Money?
    And use stealth and strategy to make the targets death look accidental and so on…

  • kevindiking67verizonnet

    Absolution is an important function for society. Sometimes people make mistakes, they do things they later regret and then they seek absolution. Religion is usually the first place they go. But in a society without religion, where do they go; Richard Dawkins? Do they call the Atheist Experience and ask those guys for forgiveness? Do they ask the lonely, bitter atheists of R&S to absolve them?

  • Gage

    The piece “Never an Absolution” was in the movie Titanic, I just need to know which part of the movie or what scene it was played in?

  • Scott W

    How do I download the trailers for the upcoming video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3? I want to download all the trailers so that I can make a fan-based trailer when the game comes out.

  • Michael K

    My caomputer can run Crysis 2 easily without lagging.Will i be able to run hitman absolution ?.I have nvidia geforce 9500 gt pentium dual core inside 2,5 ghz and 2 gb ram please respond i want to preorder it

  • Michael

    Like how many Hail Mary’s for homosexual sex? Just curious as one can commit other sins like adultery or sex out of marriage and confess. Or do you not confess that you are a homosexual? Thanks.

  • Mr SoLo DoLo

    I’m really traditional and If I’m going to go to Confession then I want the Priest to absolve me with the original Latin and give me my penance. Or has the Catholic church changed too much since?

  • SteveO


  • RuMKilleR

    And if so, what is it?

    I’ve never really understood the concept of forgiveness, despite 13 years of Catholic schooling.

  • Jon P

    Im looking to buy a laptop that can run The latesest laptop games at high settings like skyrim Dead island the new hitman absolution. Get me site address and post them to ones that are price at $300- 400 Any suggestions. Cause im a Gamer and i wanna play the games ive missed out on over the time like GTA ballad of gay tony and games like Saints row 3.

  • shahrukh

    I cant find any exact date or month as to when ‘Hitman Absolution’ is getting released in the uk. does anyone know?

  • nasty1

    It starts off with a monologue from a guy he is like “He has allowed others to die for him….” and Harry is walking through the Battle of Hogwarts while people around him are dodging spells and being blasted.

  • ScRSC

    What sayest THOU???

  • Willie

    I’d like to be subscribed to a channel that releases early trailers for video games, just so I can keep up with whats coming out when, and then demo gameplay as well would be nice. Something that shows all genres of games as well. not just fps or rpgs. maybe both? anybody know a good channel?

  • Ray D

    I have never own a ac game but I have play it. I used to play Hitman in the ps2 and it was fun. But now I don’t know if Hitman games are still good. So I want to know wich game should I get.

  • Larry R

    10 points for best answer, thanks. :)