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Incredible Mass Effect 3 Scenes Created In Source Filmmaker

Incredible Mass Effect 3 Scenes Created In Source Filmmaker

by Baron W.July 25, 2012

Twenty four hours haven’t even passed yet since my last post about Valves Source Film Maker (SFM), when we received these beautiful images in our inbox, created from… you guessed it, Valves SFM.

The normal thing here lately has been little shorts recreated in Team Fortress 2 (TF2) but for the first time to my knowledge we have something created not inside of TF2 but in Masse Effect 3 (ME3).

Reddit user ‘jediyoshi’ released these images today containing scenes that showcase a small part of what Valves Filmmaker is capable of doing. I’m willing to bet not too long from now we’ll have feature length movies recreated with characters from our favorite PC games thanks to this program.

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  • ScRSC

    I mean like, can we produce beautiful images using common camera as if it were taken using DSLR camera used by most photographers?

  • Bryan J

    Beautiful Image :Patriot of the baby in the womb
    Place:My Little heart where my wife is imprisoned with love
    Thing:Nothing is more beautiful then my sweet heart anu ma cute little smile

  • johnkaiser 22

    and what do the colors mean?

  • airdogspace2

    I have a couple items and models I used in Garry’s Mod, and I was wondering that if I installed them into SFM would they actually work, or would I have to hack them or find models made specifically for SFM?

    Also, is it possible to actually make or modify custom models in SFM? Or can you only make and rig models in external programs and import them in? Just wondering!

  • sam N

    Hi, I have recently started an internship and am buying final cut to begin making my own films and getting a great show reel together to get more work.

    I have the disadvantage of knowing nothing about cameras other than the Canon range is probably best.

    I’m not looking to spend over £500 (yet) and was wondering what the best model would be for this price range?

    Any ideas would be appreciated greatly!

  • brincks26

    Every time my source filmmaker movies are exported they are corrupted, can someone help me please?

  • toast

    I’ve searched everywhere! I know it varies based on opportunities but I just need to know a basic estimate. please help!

  • nmlpc

    Will Obama capitulate and try to have it removed and the filmmaker imprisoned, or will he support free speech?

  • John G

    I’m a senor in high school, what do I have to do from this point-on to get into the right path to being a pro filmmaker ^-^?