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Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin Caught Filming NBA 2K13 Commercial

Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin Caught Filming NBA 2K13 Commercial

by Charles PowersJuly 11, 2012

So with NBA 2K13 coming out, a lot of major NBA players are getting a bit hyped to play (with themselves) apparently.

We’ve got some behind-the-scenes photos from the NBA 2K13 commercial shoot which shows OKC’s Kevin Durant and LAC’s Blake Griffin, along with twin comedians the Lucas Brothers.

And here you go:

While you’re here, watch the NBA 2K12 Accolades trailer:

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Charles Powers
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  • stealspartansbcglobalnet

    i know mlb the show is not EA but its way better than 2k10. and omg nba live is way better than 2k10. like wow nhl 10-11 way better than 2k10. Why is this when will 2k make a good baseball game?

  • PillowMan1234

    I’m looking for the Demographic and psychographic info on the BRAND not the website of 2k sports, does anyone know where I can find this for free?

  • Jason

    I am trying to download the most up to date roster for NHL 2K7 on XBOX 360. For some reason, it’s telling me that it is unable to download and to try again later. I know that the 2K8 titles are out or are coming and I think that might have something to do with it.

  • XplicitzZ

    i got this question from ESPN first take, I’m not basing this off of numbers, but the eye test..Kevin Durant is a top10(maybe top 5) closer but he’s not the best did people forget Paul Pierce & ray Allen still plays?

    my list of closers
    1-kobe Bryant
    2-Carmelo Anthony
    3-Paul Pierce
    4-manu ginobli
    5-Chris paul
    6-Kevin Durant

    where does Durant rank to you?