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Wakfu | Trool Fair Arrives in Patch 1.4

Wakfu | Trool Fair Arrives in Patch 1.4

by William HarmonJuly 11, 2012

Today, Square Enix® and ANKAMA have released the Trool Fair. While that may sound like a ridiculous thing, it’s actually an awesome thing.

It’s the fourth content patch for the new MMO Wakfu. Along with the “Trool Fair” itself, this patch also introduces Mobile Arenas, a new pet, and many other tweaks and balances.

The Trool Fair is exactly what a fair ought to be. Mini-games, 20 of them, prizes and even a pet can all be found at this exciting new event. From the Gladiatrool (the premire event) to the Gold Rush and the Enutrof Game, the Trool Fair is full of everything a player could want. Even for those who have a less competitive side, there is a petting zoo to provide an enjoyably cuddly experience.

The Mobile Arenas are the second intriguing introduction in this patch. Players may enter alone, or in groups, as they are pitted against waves of monsters. The longer the players survive, the better chance they have of winning the best prizes, achieving the highest rank, and even getting statues of themselves erected near the Arena’s entrance.

Patch 1.4 is adding some great content to the world of Wakfu. Players of all dispositions should find plenty of fun and excitement at the Trool Fair!

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  • Ryan Z

    I’ve got an overwhealming urge to watch this show now that I’ve heard about it.

  • mmminja

    I want to write the stories for games and I want to work with Square Enix. I’m in school right now so what classes should I focus on mostly to get there?
    I’ve had my English teachers read parts of my stories and they are interested with my work.

  • Spider Pc

    I made an AMV from Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children, I worked on it all day and now it’s blocked in all countries, the only person who can view it is me when I’m logged in. I really want to upload it as it took away a day of my life and because to me, it’s pretty neat.

    So, how, if possible, do I get permission from Square Enix to use Final Fantasy: Advent Children?

  • Spider Pc

    I’m really into the Final Fantasy video game series and games like that. I’ve recently noticed that up untill about 2003, the games were being produced by a company called Square Soft. But I’ve noticed that the games that have been produced thereafter are by a company called Square Enix. Was Square Enix once Square Soft or are they completely unrelated?

  • lcollier93sbcglobalnet

    and a link to a news story would definately get yours chosen best answers
    Come on, put a little effort into it. Barak’s brother… come on lady…
    Wow, I read the article and I guess there is merit in that one.

  • Benihana

    Like why are some final fantasies made by Squaresoft and others Square Enix?

  • Sriram R

    What programming software does Square-Enix use to create their Final Fantasy games, and their in game CGI scenes?

    Also what kind of laptop can I get to program and output my games at such a horsepower?

  • Lasagna delivery guy

    Trolcan you explain what mean here ?
    Yup, another troll, how do they get past the gate

  • fattiemanny

    would like to make celery salad cut like that, do I need a spwcial trool what is and where to find one.

  • _marky_mark_

    I want to email square enix with a game idea. I don’t think they would pay attention to me but I want to email them anyways. If you can give me the email address I’m asking for then thanks!!! :)
    Please Don’t Say That I’m Wasting My Time or Anything Like That.

  • Larry R

    This might be more of an issue with Ankama itself, but I recently learned about Wakfu and wanted to play the game.
    I click on “create an account”, fill everything out the way the instructions tell me to do, and when I click on “register”… nothing happens. Then if I click again, it says “Fields are empty or invalid.” But they’re not, I did them exactly how they instructed. I’m running firefox in Widows 7, and I’ve already tried Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Am I just screwed and not allowed to play?
    I also tried to go on Ankama’s website to create an account. No go.
    Jadir, that did not work either.

  • Travoiz

    I had a Dofus account about 4 years ago with some good characters on it and i feel like playin again but i can’t remember my account name tho i think i remember the password. i’ve tried to email ankama but first i have to fill out a form i hav it all filled out but it keeps asking “You must enter a city” even tho i hav it keeps sayin it. so is there another way to get in contact with someone???