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Game Fanatics Show Episode 12 – Gamescom!

Game Fanatics Show Episode 12 – Gamescom!

by Charles PowersAugust 17, 2012

The eyes of the video game world are set on Cologne Germany this week as Gamescom is underway. This gigantic shmorgishborg of video game news spewed out more trailers, screenshots, and announcements in one week than we’ve seen all Summer. In this episode of the Game Fanatics Show we talk about our favorite news from Gamescom 2012, as well as the unboxing of the Asus PZ77-V pro motherboard.

Video Game News

Video Game Trailers

ASUS Asus PZ77-V pro Unboxing

Huge thanks to our friends at @OriginPC for hooking us up with this sweet mobo, we delve into the unboxing later in the show.

Thanks to everyone who replied to our Fanatical Question last week, we CRACKED UP…seriously. Starting this week please use the hashtag #TGFShow to answer the question or leave us feedback, so we can display them on the show!

Fanatical Question

If you can interview any video game celebrity, who and why?

Simply leave your answer in the comment box below, or tweet @thegamefanatics, using the new #TGFShow hashtag!

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Charles Powers
Charles Powers
Charles is the Founder of The Game Fanatics and nonprofit, United We Game. A Full-Time Creative Director and Graphic Designer, he loves video games with a fanatical passion and uses TGF as his outlet for all things geek culture.
  • Arminator

    well, i heard some news about a female protagonist in assassin’s creed franchise and i’ve also heard about the game to be set in World War II. please let me know if you are informed about it.

  • Dana G

    i havent played any assassins creed games, i want to preorder assassins creed 3 will i understand what occurs in it if i buy it and play it? thanks :)

  • Tyler H

    Former Ubisoft employee Nicolas Collings, who was the senior character modeler/texture painter of ACII and ACB once wrote on his LinkedIn profile that he did some texture work on Assassin’s Creed III, which is currently “in-production”, but Collings later removed it from his profile. He left Ubisoft after the completion of ACB, which was November 2010.

    In simple terms, Collings said he did texture work for ACIII during the development of Brotherhood, but later removed it.

    This isn’t really a question, just wanted some thoughts…
    Sorry, I should have been more clear on this: The AC trilogy is coming to an end in 2012 later this year. Because it being a full (III) like ACII was, people are expecting a big advance in game size, new mechanics and longer plot (like ACII was after AC1). Now Revelations was released only a few months ago and fans are scared that III won’t have a long enough development and critically ruin the finale. Do you think the game has been in development since Brotherhood or are they making it since Revelations? Note: Ubisoft have confirmed that they cannot comment on the issue.

  • andresumoza

    If i pre-order Assassin’s Creed III am i going to get the steelbook right away, or will i have to wait till release of ACIII to get it? Im a little bit confused, here it is – http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-CA/product/assassin-s-creed-iii-playstation-3/10172492.aspx?path=fda54538bf41104d1a3c989f2caf71eden02

  • toysruslover

    Why or why not? And what was your favorite Assassin’s Creed title?

    Note: I am not talking about “Liberations”.

  • Franklin Bluth

    Does anyone know when the gameplay for AC III will be released? I’m really excited about it and just wanna know what I’m in for when my pre-ordered copy comes in… I do know that there’s gonna be a lot of wilderness in the game and that you’ll be able to climb up trees and mountains, but I jut want to take a look at it and see it for myself

  • Cupcakerum

    i am very excited about AC III,the whole ubisoft is trying to create one of the biggest master pieces of all time, by far what i have seen ubisoft is comparing AC III with uncharted 3, so it just keeps bugging me that will it ever take the place of ACII or any other game, what are your opinions on the game?

  • Joey 01

    So far we’ve had Israel, Syria, Cyprus and Italy, and revelations is due to be set in Istanbul, but where should the long awaited third game be set. I thought maybe northern Europe in the 1700s somewhere like Oslo, or perhaps France during the revolution. Desmond should play a larger part. perhaps the assassins could be located in America. what do you think?

  • Mike

    Hi there. Well I am a little stuck on what edition of Assassin’s Creed III (for PS3) that I should get.

    I wish there was one that included everything, but there isn’t so I have to choose.

    I’m leaning towards Freedom Edition because it comes with the most single player DLC. But I like Join or Die because it has the awesome medallion. Then there is the Special Edition which comes with the DLC that has a special gun that isn’t included in the other editions.

    I am thinking Freedom edition but I just cannot decide.

  • Ev dog

    I haven’t heard anything about it yet and was just wondering if it might be made in 2012?
    @ sad face well i know revelations came out, but assassins creed III is next in the series. It was assassins creed I, Assassins creed II followed by brotherhood and revelations as a part of it, now its assassins creed III…

  • Muzahid

    Some people are saying that Assassin’s Creed III is the last one of the Assassin’s Creed games but i read in some magazine that Assassin’s Creed Revelations was the last one of the Assassin’s Creed games but that was a lie.

  • borabora5524

    i want to buy assassin’s creed III freedom edition in india. I live in India and i want it! but i cannot find any online website that will ship it for me to india!! west Bengal…. and it will be very gud if u tell me the price of freedom edition in rupees!…. and try to give me a website that will take money on delivery! but if i have to pay before no prob! but pls pls try to give a gud reputated site!
    It’s it’s PC i want it for PC not any other consule

  • John G

    Or will it do justice to the Mohawk people?

  • maskills24

    Do you know for a fact that it will be the best Assassin’s Creed game ever? What will it do that no other AC title has done yet?
    Voting time!
    Can I trust these two with the creed, or will I be stabbed in the back simply for Best Answer?

  • Jason


    Is there any news [Official] about AC3 in 2011 ? is there a new Assassin’s Creed for PS3 in 2011 after Brotherhood ?. I’ve read few articles but couldn’t make sure of the date, So please if u have any information, TELL ME BECAUSE IM SO EXCITED ABOUT IT xD …

  • Jenna

    I think it’d be fun but it really depends on how they designed it. It’s growing on me, but at the moment, I’d prefer to stay in the city.

  • Jonny

    AC III (not Brotherhood)

  • Ryan Dunn

    I’ wondering will it bet better to buy Max payne 3 or Assassin’s Creed III? it have money to buy one and i can get some money later on to buy Assassin’s Creed III but there is only 10% hope for that but can any of u tell which one to buy for pc?? Max Payne 3 or Assassin’s creed III ???? i want to enjoy the game thats all whaever and will Max payne 3 support windows 7 cuz u see in the system reqiurements it supports windows xp vista and 2000 no win 7 why i don’t get it? it luched few days back and 1st june will be the lunch of pc version but u see no windows 7 supported!
    And How many missions and chapters are there in Max Payne 3???? pls answer!

  • Armas

    Does anybody know the release date for Assassin’s Creed III?

  • RxP DarkBox

    For the people who count Brotherhood or Revelations as 3 and 4 it isnt, 3 is coming out Oct 30th, if you dont believe me watch the trailer.

    But besides the steel case, what else can you get for pre-ordering Assassin’s Creed III?

  • sick_mick_101

    I was playing Brotherhood and remembered how fun AC is, so I was going to get the new one, but what is the difference between III and Revelations?

  • lets roll

    I’m looking for the one where George Washington is crossing the Delaware River and Conner is behind him pointing to the distance. Could someone please post the link for it? Thank you!

  • vanvark83

    I saw on tv and Gameinformer that said if you preorder AC3 at Gamestop, you get an exclusive AC3 steelbook, but when I went on the site for Gamestop, it said you get a DLC mission. What happened to the steelbook? Did they run out or something? I would rather get the steelbook than the DLC mission.

  • friendly 4

    I was looking to preorder Assassin’s Creed III on PC. However, I want to use my xBox 360 controller on my pc (yes I have a receiver and the controller works on my PC), but I was wondering if the game will have controller support? Also will Ubisoft be releasing any more limited editions of the game (like the really expensive versions that have artwork and sountrack and DLC)?

  • Daniel

    I saw the trailers for AC3 and I was wondering if the story is gonna pick up where the others left off, or is it an entirely new storyline? I’ve only played the first one, and I wanted to know if I was gonna be confused because I hadn’t played any others.

  • Duke

    I have the normal game already pre-ordered from Gamestop. Just wondering if it will matter getting the collectors edition strategy guide when I will have the normal edition game?

  • Jonny

    I pre-ordered Assassin’s Creed III and got the receipt. No questions were asked in this transaction. Now, I am 16 years old, where as the game is rated M (17+).

    A lot of people tell me I pass as a 17 year old, and I have often been mistaken for one as well.

    Now, considering the cashier already gave me my reciept for the game, will they still ‘check my age’ when I pick up the game. I need to bring some form of identification so that the store knows I am the one that purchased the game, but will they really check my age?

    This is near Toronto, Ontario, if that makes a difference for anyone.

    Thank you!

  • Sonny

    I heard that it might have Co-op online, but I don’t play online. So I wanted to know if anyone heard anything about Offline Co-op, and if they don’t have it they should look into adding it in. I think it would make the game more fun, and if more people are playing more enemies could be on the map.
    They should give him a partner assassin that you can change the gender, facial features, and hair.