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Rosewill Announces New Enhanced RK-9000 Series Keyboards

Rosewill Announces New Enhanced RK-9000 Series Keyboards

by Baron W.August 8, 2012

Rosewill has been very quiet following their amazing performance at this year’s Computex in Taipei China, but that hasn’t stopped the peripheral giant from letting a few cats out of the bag early. During Computex, Rosewill made a small announcement about their RK-9000 series mechanical keyboards undergoing some slight changes.


One of these changes being a Limited Edition Elite Ivory RK-9000I. The new Limited Edition Elite Ivory RK-9000I will have two variations which include Cherry MX Blue (RK9000I) and Brown (RK-9000BRI).

In total there are four new models which feature the Cherry MX Blue (RK-9000)Brown (RK-9000BR), and Red (RK-9000RE) switches.  The RK-9000 series from Rosewill has been a top performer since it was first released in 2010, and I’m almost certain that this series will continue to impress PC gamers worldwide.




  • Highly durable professional gaming keyboard
  • Extremely responsive and accurate for hours of comfortable gaming
  • Gaming-grade lifetime: 50 million clicks
  • Durable white metal inner chassis
  • N-Key rollover: 104 Key could press at the same time, avoid any key jamming (Only PS2 mode, at USB Mode 6-key rollover)
  • Cherry Brown Switches: soft tactile feeling, quiet, 50 million life cycle of the switch, comfortable typing for long term use, fast response on each key
  • Laser printing design for the keycap
  • Gold plated USB and PS/2 connector to ensure low latency
  • High quality braided cable

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  • alberto s

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  • Noe R

    When something goes on exhibition at the computex, how long does it take for it to hit the market?

  • ouch

    Nothing pops up when I connect it or turn it on.

  • XplicitzZ

    I am having issues plugging in my power button cord into the motherboard, any suggestions?

  • Marlon P

    rosewill makes some neat stuff, but is it respected as well as antec and coolermaster?

  • Zack Faria

    Power supply:

    Computer Case:

    Need at least 505watts for my computer, so thinking of getting this power supply, but not sure whether it’ll fit in the case’s power supply area.

  • Peter

    I am running Ubuntu 9.8.0, and it won’t let me connect to the Internet using my wifi card. Don’t get me wrong… Ubuntu knows it is there (it says that there is a wifi card), it just will not connect, no that is wrong, it does connect (or at least it says it is connected) but when I try to do anything in the browser; like type in “” it says “failed to load server proxy”

    This is really annoying, I can’t even download the deb. packages.

    I have a Rosewill USB wireless LAN adapter.

    this is what is says exactly on the box:

    Model No. RNX-G1W(LP-8187)
    Wireless LAN USB 2.0 Adapter

    and this is what is says on the adapter its self:

    IEEE 802.11b/g

    this single problem is the only reason I haven’t formated my Windows drive. Please help me fix this, or tell me what adapter I need to get in order to have Internet on Ubuntu.