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Deep Silver Reveals More Dead Island Riptide and Sacred 3 News

Deep Silver Reveals More Dead Island Riptide and Sacred 3 News

by Nick PinkertonSeptember 3, 2012

Deep Silver has clued us in on  two of its upcoming titles: Dead Island Riptide: Drowning Hope and Sacred 3.

Dead Island Riptide is the next installment in the young zombie-hunting saga that debuted last year. It picks up where the last game left off with the same party of characters but with several additions to the gameplay, an intense climate, and, most importantly, new zombie mutations.

Your party will struggle through a series of islands hit by a monsoon, encountering deadly winds and rainstorms that create a dynamic, unpredictable environment. And how will you get from one island to the next? Boats. With zombies charging at you in the choppy waves, we can only imagine your oars will get a little bloody.

We don’t know much about Dead Island Riptide but are excited for a couple of new  features. First, Deep Silver has added a fifth character character to your party who will have a unique set of abilities. That will vary your party’s strategies and suggests that the waves of zombies or difficulty might go beyond what we’ve experienced from this franchise.

Second, a set of “hub defense missions” will emphasize a rich tower defense gameplay — laying traps, putting up fences, and utilizing turrets — to protect sheltered survivors. Deep Silver has also mentioned a new set of communication features integrated into cooperative play.

Dead Island Riptide hits store shelves in 2013 for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Continuing the action RPG franchise, Sacred 3 centers around the tyrannical reign of Zane Ashen and his lust for the Heart of Ancaria.

Players will be able to form up to 4-hero parties and will compete among each other for special items and abilities while combating Zane’s forces. Deep Silver has not revealed all character classes yet but has given a sense of familiarity to the world of Sacred; fans will recognize certain environments in the game, but such locales may not look & play the same as they did in previous games.

Sacred 3 makes its way onto Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC in 2013. A sidescroller and prelude to Sacred 3, Sacred Citadel, will be available through Xbox Live, PSN, and Steam next year as well.

Deep Silver has worked on successful titles in the past including last year’s Catherine and Anno 1701. For updates on Deep Silver’s endeavors, check out

Images provided by Deep Silver PR.

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  • Nathan B

    I was doing a little research on dead island riptide and found out if you pre-order it you get a steel book case well when I went on gamestop it didnt say anything about a pre-order bonus and I dont know if i pre-order it now will i still get it and the info i foun said its a first come first serve thing please help

  • homerliveshere

    I’m looking for more action-rpg’s on the ps3 so want to know what good ones there are.
    They need to be cheap (under £15 on ebay)
    I already have Fallout 3 and Mass Effect 2

    best list gets 10pts :)

  • Jesse

    I was considering buying one for my birthday, but I was just wondering if it was really worth it. Any game title is welcome.


    I’m about to get an XBOX 360 Elite and I want to know, what kind of good Action/RPG games are there for it?

  • Wooooody

    It seems as if some companies out there have released some half decent games like Zenonia and Itonia. Naturally I’m a bit interested my-self.

  • ttocs

    I absolutely loved the Assassin’s Creed series and I also love Prototype. I am looking for games similar to that or just good rpg games and action, adventure games.

  • addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior

    I have a Game Boy Advance, GameCube, DS, and Wii. I was introduced to action RPGs with The World Ends with You; it’s cool and I want more. Any recommendations?

  • Superman

    I’m looking for a good action-RPG for the xbox 360 that’s similar to Diablo, with the same isometric, top-down view. Fable II isn’t the same and Oblivion doesn’t count because it’s a first-person game. The PS2 had a good Dungeons & Dragons action-RPG with an isometric view but not for the Xbox 360.

  • liza

    I want a game where you can create your own character, a game similar to oblivion and fable, a game where you can play with your friends over the internet! The reason is I recently got a ps3 (with oblivion gotye) and I really like the game fable but I don’t have an x-box, so is there anything similar?

  • Marshal

    I’ve seen a lot of RPG’s: World of Warcraft, Maplestory, Star Wars: The Old republic, etc.
    But which is the best?
    No, the best does not have to include games I mentioned in the list. :)

  • alberto s

    I am searching for the name of an old MAC action-rpg game.

    At the beginning of the game you had to choose one character. One was a strong fighter that could throw axes, another was a wizard with various spells. One such spell threw a magic bird at the enemy.

    To communicate with various creatures you had to type the words you wanted to say. Also, you could explore a gigantic cave/mine, which I never managed to beat.

  • skillz

    I don’t find the level up and stat growth through level up system unrealistic. Action-RPG’s are already quite realistic. But has there been one without a level up system?
    @Carter I know that in Final Fantasy X you don’t truly level up but your sphere grid levels up (it’s really hard to get the abilities I want like Holy). What’s so different in Final Fantasy XIII, in terms of growth?