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Introducing Nintendo TVii

Introducing Nintendo TVii

by Jake ValentineSeptember 13, 2012

It isn’t just about the games anymore with a home console. Nintendo has realized this with the introduction of Nintendo TVii.

Before it’s official introduction, Reggie Fils-Aime mentioned how this is an area Nintendo hasn’t ventured into before, and they’re right. Sure, the Wii had Netflix, but its features were absolutely nothing like this.

Wii U users have the options to scan through their favorite shows and then watch them as they see fit: through NetflixHulu PlusAmazon, live TV, or their DVR. The console figures out your means of watching a program and presents the appropriate services to you.

Each individual user can personalize their Nintendo TVii experience, so the sports nut can set up a sports related profile, while the movie fan can set up and recommend their favorite movies for family and friends.

During the playing of shows, the GamePad offers interactivity that connects to social media, as well as the Mii-Verse. The interactivity stands out during their sports demonstration, bringing together feature we’d see from, say, ESPN GameCast, interactivity over social media, and feautres we’d normally see in a tablet.

It’s a great idea in theory that I’d be interested to see how it helps me, a non tablet owner, and my TV experience.

Best of all? It’s free with every Wii U purchase. Can’t argue with that logic.

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Jake Valentine
Born in Boston, residing in Cincinnati, and playing far too much Magic: the Gathering.

    I’m writing a story that involves a group of teens playing a Nintendo. However, I haven’t used a Nintendo in many years, and therefore do not know what the buttons do on the controller. Help is appreciated. Thanks!

  • arronwrath

    I have just gotten Mari0 by download and i can’t use my Gigaware wired controller. I don’t want to buy xpadder to do it, so does any one have a way for me to use the gamepad at all?
    complicated or not, i don’t care only if it is free.

  • joevsyou

    I just bought some Gamecube games I’ve always wanted to play, but I never had a Gamecube. Now I’ve got a Wii (which is totally awesome by the way) and I know it can play Gamecube games natively, but I tried to hook up my Virtual Console Gamepad to the wii-mote and it doesn’t work worth a poop when trying to load a Gamecube game up.

    I’m guessing they’re just not designed to work with eachother? Or am I missing something?

  • slipknot0129

    Where can i get a Madcatz Gamepad for Street Fighter 4 in CANADA?

    I can’t find any stores that will ship to Canada. Do you know of any that will or know if a store will have them in stock soon?

  • Nathan B

    Just started to play COD WAW on pc and want to play single player with gamepad, but it wont allow it.
    Whats the best software to use so i can play with the gamepad? I know it exists it allows you to trick your computer into thinking your pressing keyboard buttons! Just dont no which to get…

    P.s if its free it goooooood!

  • Rassling Fundamentals

    I found Xpadder but it costs $10 and the other free ones only map keyboard keys, but not a mouse. I want to play some old PC games that don’t have native gamepad support (KOTOR specifically), so I really need to find a program for this. Does anyone know of such a program?

  • Armas

    For games like L4D2 and TF2. The gamepad ill be using will be a 360 controller.

  • llb443

    Please leave good answers. I want to know because I want to be able to play on my gamepad with games that don’t allow you to map your looking actions on anything else besides a mouse. I’m looking for answers not comments on how gamepads suck.
    I need somthing free.

  • Brody S

    I just tried the gametap service and there are some games there I’d enjoy if I had a gamepad. I have an old sidewinder gamepad from microsoft, but my computer doesn’t even detect it and the only drivers I can find are for windows 98.

    I’ve seen a lot of gamepads for the pc, but they all look like the playstation controller.

    Are there any that have the 6 buttons across as well as a start and select button? I would like one that is new enough that it will work with windows xp and one that would work with gametap.

  • Sahil

    I want to play it with someone on my PC and I want to use an Xbox 360 gamepad, and I want him to use the keyboard.

  • Splash Log Level 2 Again

    I see that this game for PC allows for use for an XBox gamepad which i don’t own, but i was wondering if i could just use a regular pc gamepad which will work for all my other games i own? Does anybody know?

  • baldy eire

    I know how to set-up all buttons except the analog sticks? I have a driving game and i need to know how to configure the left arrow and the right arrow into the left analog stick for steering the car. Can anyone help with this? I am currently using a Nyko AIR FLO Gamepad. Thanks