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PAX Prime 2012 | Free to Play Games Panel

PAX Prime 2012 | Free to Play Games Panel

by Jennifer KibbleSeptember 1, 2012

When anyone hears the words “free-to-play”, it’s either a death sentence or a phrase of elation. For me, it is a death sentence, so yes, I might be a bias but I am open to free-to-play, if it is done right and embraced by the community.

I’ve played a few MMOs here and there, including EverQuest II and Star Wars Galaxies. Both MMOs did not draw me into the world and I found myself bored of it after a while. It wasn’t until City of Heroes that I really started to get into this genre. I rather play solo and get lost in a good story. Yes, I am aware that MMOs are suppose to bring people together to experience a game together, however I rather not unless I’m in the mood to group or if it is needed. Nothing better than getting into a party only to have an unbalanced team and failing at the end of the arc/mission. This is when guilds and online friends come in, which I did meet a few of while playing City of Heroes. If you can’t find a great group of people to play with, the MMO experience can be frustrating. What I’ve noticed with free to play, is that it attracts the less dedicated type of player. If finding a good group was hard before, free to play makes it that much harder. Having free to play implemented into a game does change the feel to it. Once City of Heroes finally went free to play, I stopped playing, cold turkey. I’ve thought about going back but it is not the same as it was before, and I am not the only one that feels this way.

Now with Star Wars: The Old Republic going free to play soon, I am worried. I feel that it is needed, but it was needed too early. I deeply feel that Bioware should have gone with Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic III instead of an MMO. I’ve said this before playing SWTOR and I am saying it now.

Since I feel this way about MMOs, it was very important for me to get into the Free to Play Games: Brilliant, Evil or Brilliantly Evil panel at PAX Prime. At the panel we had Nik Davidosn, James Ernest, and James Portnow.

The panel went more in the direction of “evil” mainly because a free to play game needs to be done right or it will be abused. It is the direction that most games will head towards, but if it is not done right, it will be doomed to fail. In some games where it is free to play but you can buy items to improve your character, this will give you the advantage against someone who does not wish to pay extra money for a better gun or armor. How can this be an enjoyable experiences, when it is more one sided if you are willing to spend the extra money? The free to play market is one giant variable that will never please everyone.

How do you think free to play should go? Should it be subscription based, giving those who want to pay the advantage?

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Jennifer Kibble
  • Gamer959

    Ive been reading reviews on it, yet im curious on what YOU think.

  • evangldbrg

    hey anyone knows if there are any free servers for city of heroes/city of villians and lord of the rings online? I wanted to try out those games but the trials never work out for me because in most cases i never level high enough in the small amount of time allotted.

  • SteveO

    I am currently downloading City of Heroes 14 day free trial. I started around 9:30. It is now 11:15. It’s 345M/2.8G. When the game is done downloading, I will probably be sleeping. Will it time itself out? Will I have to download it again? Is it worth the time? Can someone tell me a rough estimate on how long it will take to load?

  • United

    Im running a basic emachines with a 160 gb ata hard drive and its almost impossible to sit down and run city of heroes. But ive been told buying a gb of ram would help alot. I just want to be able to run it without the 15min loading screens.Wondering if it would do the trick.

  • Michael K

    I just bought City of Heroes, and I know that I have to pay a monthly fee. What is the best fee to pay? I’ve heard that you can pay monthly, yearly, or even a 60 day card. What is the best option?

  • Seth

    I have looked but cant seem to find where City of Heroes saves the patch’s on your computer. It was a 2.2gig patch so I don’t really want to have to ever do that again haha. Anyone know?

  • Phillip123

    I run a supergroup in the game City Of Heroes, and Im unalbe to get my guild members to the webiste/fourms. Ive tried playing the fourm website in the Guild window, Ive sent it to them many times. but there still not join it. Im just about to start kicking people, can any one out there give me adivse?

  • Stevalicious

    I’m trying to make a telepath in City of Heroes, kind of like Emma Frost but without the invulnerability. I have mind control picked as my primary, but I can’t think of a secondary that works well with the concept. I’m torn between Kinetics, Force Fields and Sonic – can anyone tell me (from experience, preferably) which secondaries have the best synergy?

  • Gabriel Kenney

    i just recently purchased the City of Heroes/ City of Villains pack, and i cant figure out how to use my 30 days free that the game comes with? I try to enter the code that the game has on the card, and it says t cant be used as payment, i just want to use my 30 days, not purchase more months, can someone help me? =/

  • Willie

    When I tried to download a free trial someone sent me of City of Heroes/City of villians, I get the updater and then it shuts down, comes back up, shuts down again and give me the error:

    “failed to rename C:Program FilesMozilla FirefoxCohUpdater.exe to C:Program FilesMozilla FirefoxCohUpdater.prv”

    how do I fix this?

  • Jose B

    I created an NcSoft account on Saturday, and I tried playing City of Heroes and it says that it’s invalid. Any suggestions?

  • Hannah

    I have a MacBook Pro and have Paralle PC installed on it which is a program that allows Windows to be used on a Mac since I have need of both OS. Would City of Heroes work on the Mac via Parallel Desktop running Windows XP?