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PAX Prime 2012 | Interview With the Makers of Company of Heroes 2

PAX Prime 2012 | Interview With the Makers of Company of Heroes 2

by William HarmonSeptember 23, 2012

Finally, the good stuff.

I’m sure all of you guys have heard of Company of Heroes 2, right? Well if not, it’s a new RTS that was being put on display by THQ this year at PAX Prime, and I’ve got to say, it kind of blew my mind. Now I’m not an expert RTS player, but I’ve had my experience with them. Company of Heroes 2 however, is several steps above your average entry in the genre however, with the nuances and subtle additions that really promise to pull you into these experiences. We go over a number of the features that make the title unique, and I’ll say it was rather fun (despite losing almost immediately. That was a thing. Because I’m just the worst).

Enjoy folks:

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William Harmon
  • altair

    I cant find crack for my company of heroes v2.400.

    also when I start the game there is one unlocked campaign and 2 locked.the locked game was operation market gardens and other one I dont remember the name

    anyway how to unlock the other two campaign???

  • Adam

    The factions are below:
    1. British
    2. American
    3. Soviet
    1. Wehrmacht
    2. Panzer Elite

  • PolishPokeyPimp

    im planning on getting a 4X AGP card but im not sure if it will play games like company of heroes without majorly lagging in fps speed.

  • Lia-lu-li

    If my graphics card can support Company of Heroes on low graphics, can it support NTW on high graphics?