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TGS 2012 | Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z Trailer

TGS 2012 | Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z Trailer

by Logan MyerSeptember 19, 2012

A brand new trailer was shown off for Keiji Infaune’s upcoming game, Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z, during Tokyo Game Show this week. 

The latest game from the creator of Mega Man revolves around Yaiba, a cybernetic ninja that seems to be going after Ryu Hayabusa, his killer. We see Yaiba slicing and dicing some zombies in some very short gameplay shots. Before these shots happened, I was thinking in my head how cool it would be for the game to have these kind of graphics, these cel shaded comic book graphics. Then those gameplay shots happened and my wish was granted. It looks great and it’s a Ninja Gaiden game, so naturally I’m excited for it.

It seems that we will be playing as Yaiba, which is different for a Ninja Gaiden game. I wonder how similar the gameplay will be to the previous games. Time will tell!

Check out the trailer below.

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