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New Outlast Trailer Won't Let You Sleep At Night

New Outlast Trailer Won't Let You Sleep At Night

by SamuRYNovember 1, 2012

Done trick or treating? Good, because Halloween isn’t over yet. Scare your face off with this new trailer for Outlast, the new survival horror game by Red Barrels Games. Taking place in a long abandoned mental hospital, players will take the roll of Miles Upshur, a journalist intent to find out the secrets hidden away in the building’s forgotten corridors. Though the trailer shows no gameplay, it does gives us a sense of how Outlast will play out. From the looks of things, Miles is not a hardened fighter. He must rely on his wits and stealth to escape alive. Check out the trailer:

Let us know what you think at the comments below. Outlast is slated to come out sometime in 2013 through Steam. To learn more about Outlast and Red Barrels Games, visit them at

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  • DamDam49

    Yeah… i wont loose sleep, ive been through allot worse in games involving dark coridoors and zomplie-like monsters, if anything ill be able to antisapate where the buggers are coming from next, still, looks like a good game,

    • Wally

      Man you should stop playing such bad tricks on grammar!

  • chronicking100

    That actually was kinda good, i’ve never been a fan of any kind of monster game (i think their all generic and boring) and i wont play this one either, but the trailer had me on edge