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This Mordin Bust is the very model of a Scientist Salarian

This Mordin Bust is the very model of a Scientist Salarian

by John SylvesterNovember 14, 2012

Mass Effect fans rejoice! BioWare and Treehouse Brand Stores have just released the Mass Effect Mordin Solus bust for pre-order in the BioWare store

Mordin Solus is quite possibly my favorite character in the Mass Effect universe…and by quite possibly I mean definitely. Absolutely. FO SHO. So when I saw that the BioWare store was releasing a series of Mass Effect busts and Mordin would be first…I sniffled…seriously, probably three times. And then of course I just started bawling like a little baby.  And then my 1 1/2 year old daughter saw me so she started crying, and then my wife came in and asked what the hell was going on and all I could mumble through the snot and tears was “Because seashells! Oh God!” It was almost as bad as that video of the guy attempting a biotic charge at his wife.


Anyways, LOOK.


The bust stands 8 inches tall, 3 inches wide and weighs in around 2 lbs. Each piece is individually cast and hand painted by someone who obviously knows exactly what they’re doing. It sports a detachable headset and a base that might get you a little misty eyed.




Sculpted and painted in-house (Because…someone else might have gotten it wrong) this beautiful representation of the beloved and awesome Mordin Solus is an exclusive to the BioWare store.

For the release week of this sculpture, the BioWare store is taking pre-orders at $40. That’s $10 off full price. 20% off even. The price and sizing is perfect, if you ask me, especially considering that this is just the first of the series of Mass Effect busts to be released from the BioWare store. I honestly can’t stress how excited I am for this series of sculpts.

You can pre-order the Mordin Solus bust right here.



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