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Queasy Games Releases First DLC For Sound Shapes

Queasy Games Releases First DLC For Sound Shapes

by Chris CalasahanDecember 7, 2012

Sound Shape enthusiasts will be glad to find out that the first set of DLC were released this week.

Four new features are available (including 3 Sound Packs and a Curved Terrain Pack)  The Sound Packs all have 5 new instruments and 5 Beat School levels as well as 5 new trophies.

The Sound Packs are available for $0.99 each and the Curved Terrain Pack is available for everyone’s favorite price of free.  These can be purchased both in the in-game store menus as well as the PSN.

Below is the trailer sharing a track featuring the new sounds.

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The DLC Details

  • Acoustic Sound Pack ($0.99)

Bring some clean analog tones to your game with five new acoustic instruments. Strum and pick a masterpiece with the guitars, dance across the ivories on the piano or thumb the unique sounds of the kalimba.

  • Drum Kits Sound Pack ($0.99)

This pack is all about rhythm. Snares, hi-hats, toms, and more let you groove to everything from a cool jazz backdrop to a driving rock beat. There’s even an electronic kit for some 80′s hip-hop style jams if that’s more your style.

  • 8-Bit Sound Pack ($0.99)

Compose in the key of chiptune with bleeps, bloops, and other classic game sounds. It’s more than just chiptunes as you’ll get modern electronic synths, bass lines, and loops too. A variety packed pack for sure!

  • Curved Terrain Pack (free download)

This one’s for the platforming fans out there. Bend, stretch and shape curves to add smooth surfaces to your smooth beats. Many of you have been waiting for this, and it’s free today. (It’s also key for some future DLC, but we’ll keep that a surprise for now.)

This is a whole mess of new and fun content for such a cheap price.  Fans of this music/platforming title shouldn’t wait to get their hands on these new features for Queasy Games’ Sound Shapes.


Source: Playstation Blog

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