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CW Holds Off On Wonder Woman TV Series

CW Holds Off On Wonder Woman TV Series

by Darrin WrightJanuary 29, 2013

It looks like Wonder Woman will continue to struggle to get back onto TV. If you were looking forward to the CW’s Amazon, a series based on Wonder Woman much like Smallville was for Superman, keep wishing. Deadline reports that CW has finished their pilot orders for the season, and Amazon was not among them. The series producers had even gotten as far as to begin casting for the show. This doesn’t mean Amazon’s dead, though. The network says they still have high hopes for getting it on-air to add as an additional draw to Arrow, their series based on Green Arrow, a fellow DC Comics character.

Wonder Woman has had a constantly bumpy road with live-action since her original series was cancelled in 1979. NBC took a shot at the character in 2011, but it didn’t pan out well at all, receiving criticism for reducing Diana – an Amazon warrior princess – to eating ice cream and crying over a man.

Movies haven’t worked out either; Joss Whedon was trying to do a Wonder Woman movie, but he was shot down. He went on to make the third-highest grossing movie of all time, also based on comic book characters. DC says they want Wonder Woman to be a part of the upcoming Justice League movie, which now we find out may not happen if Man of Steel underperforms.

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    But then again, I think Green Arrow sucks so maybe this is for the best.