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Halo 4 Infinity Challenge | Week 5 Update

Halo 4 Infinity Challenge | Week 5 Update

by Enis TezcanJanuary 18, 2013

Finals Update 

With just one day left in the Infinity Challenge I wanted to give major credit to all the legitimate players in the tournament. I know there’s been great frustration with players that have been cheating or boosting to raise their status among the leaderboards, but rest assured, 343 Industries and Virgin Gaming have taken actions against these said players.

343 Industries has stated prior to my own questioning that actions were being taken against these players and when I finally asked myself. I was given this respond.


With that being said, after tournament ends I’ll update you all once again with the final leaderboard stats.

Good luck, Spartans!

Week 5 Update – The Finals – Infinity Slayer

Welcome back Spartans! After 4 painstaking weeks in the online qualifiers, it’s time to reset the leaderboards and watch as players battle head to head to be the very best in their Tier. Players are now locked into the tier that they have qualified for and will now compete against other players in that Tier for various prizes.


Tier 3: Players are fighting for Halo MicrOps and Mega Bloks sets, a Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn DVD and more.

Tier 2: Players are competing for the Halo 4 WARHEAD 7.1 Wireless Surround Headset, Halo Mega Bloks sets and a copy of Awakening: The Art of Halo 4, among a few other things.

Tier 1:  Non-grand prize winners will be taking home Halo UNSC VANGUARD Personal Gaming Environments, RVBX: Ten Years of Red vs. Blue 14-Disc Blue-ray Box Sets, and much more.

War Games Grand Prize: A 2013 UNSC Themed For f-150 Raptor SVT Truck!


Spartan Ops Grand Prize: A trip to Microsoft Studios and CGI integration of winner into a future Halo title!



To see a list of all prizes, visit here.


Starting tomorrow, Infinity Slayer will replace Dominion as the the final playlist in the Infinity Challenge. To maximize your points, make sure you try and pull off those snapshots, killing sprees and retribution medals. Those will be key to helping you in this final stage. Remember, points are also earned for assists, and saving your teammates. Teamwork does pay off, even if you’re all trying to reach the number one spot.


The online finals will run from 12am ET on Saturday, January 12th until 11:59pm ET on January 19th.

The leaderboards themselves are to be soon updated and broken down by each Tier — to check them out and track your progress, please visit the Infinity Challenge site.


Good luck to you all in the finals, Spartans.



Week 4 Update – Dominion

Welcome back to the 4th week of Halo 4’s Infinity Challenge, Spartans. After an intense week of solo play in Regicide 343 Industries and Virgin Gaming are taking us back to cooperative play with Dominion. For those of you unfamiliar, Dominion is a game similar to King of the Hill were opposing teams have to control as many hills possible out of three that are spread out on each map. The more hills you hold, the more points you get leading towards victory. The longer you hold each hill, the more you get resupplied (ordinance drops, power weapons and vehicles).

Who will dominate each map this week and secure the position within the Top Tiers? Who will fall apart and loose what they’ve struggled hard for? Working as a team could never be more stressful as the Qualifier Phase begins to close.

This week, I won’t bother posting Leaderboards, I caught wind of news that many of the top players in both Tiers have been caught “boosting” or “cheating” in other words. 343 Industries has already made a statement that Virgin Gaming is working on eliminating all cheaters from the competition and that anyone that continues to boost or cheat, will be immediately disqualified.

I hope that information eases those that have witnessed these actions taking place.

Good luck, Spartans.


See you on the battlefield.


For more information on the Halo 4 Infinity Challenge, check out the site for more details and leaderboard info.



Week 3 Update – Regicide

Welcome back Spartan’s to the 3rd Week of Halo 4’s Infinity Challenge. For the last two weeks millions of players have been battling day and night in this Qualifier phase in order to rank themselves within three different Tiers in order to have their chances at some great prizes. The road for the grand prize is getting closer as this qualifier round closes shortly on January 10th, 2013. The top tier is where you want to be in order to win the grand prizes such as that sexy Ford truck or a cameo in an episode of Spartan Ops.


After two weeks new of cooperative play, the Infinity Challenge has switched it up for a free-for-all battle royal in this weeks playlist, also known as Regicide Hail to the King, baby!. In this game mode your goal is to be the King, or in other words, stay in first place. As the King racks up kill after kill, their bounty increases which makes you even more of a target to your fellow Spartans.

Aim true Spartans, the next phase of this Tournament is about to go up a few more notches. Where will you place yourselves within the Tiers? 

Good Luck, Spartans.


War Games Leaderboard (as of 9:00 pm EST on Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013)


Spartan Ops Leaderboard (as of 9:00 pm EST on Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013)


Stay tuned each week as I continue to bring you the latest news of the Infinity Challenge and the intensity that’s about to come.

See you all on the virtual battlefield.

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Enis Tezcan
  • CajunSuperJeff

    I was looking at your comment about cheating and I think there was a glitch after the first few days of this competition that falsely elevated everyone’s score on days 2 and 3. Then it was fixed and everyone’s score was properly adjusted. I ended up as #6 in Spartan Ops after playing almost 20 hours a day. I got very little sleep for 8 days trying to keep up and/or catch the competition. All of the leaders soon learned in the first few hours of the game how to finish a certain map in less than 6 minutes. Then we started to perfect our routine and finished in under 5 minutes. Through the course of a week we knew everything we were supposed to do and it became easy to finish a map in under 4:30, even finishing it in under 4:00 once or twice. I must admit I fell asleep at the controller a few times, as did my team mates. But we all knew when and where the enemies were going to spawn and what to press to keep others from spawning. It is easy to go into Halo Waypoint to see how everyone did and to confirm that we were legit. BTW, after completing a game and waiting for the reset of the new game we were doing only about 10 games/ hour if we were lucky. It was a great competition but I do not plan on putting my body through that type of punishment again. I slept for 10 hours after the competition was over and then took a nap the next day.